Proven features of pregnancy by a boy

Proven signs of pregnancy by a boy

It is worth noting that some of the signs work quite well, but there are less effective ones. However, curious future mothers apply almost all known methods of people's "diagnostics" to themselves, and then share experiences with their girlfriends - worked or not.

Today we will try to figure out which of the signs of pregnancy indicate the birth of a boy, and we will start, perhaps, with external manifestations.

Changes in the appearance of the pregnant woman

The shape of the tummy, the color of the face, and indeed the appearance of the future mother can tell a lot about, including the sex of the child.

According to the observations of our ancestors, in pregnant, bearing a boy, the tummy has a more rounded shape, strongly protrudes forward and is always lowered downwards, so that it is quite difficult to recognize the "interesting" position of a woman from the back. The waist, of course, is rounded, but does not disappear completely, as is often the case with the bearing of a girl. Also, on a round tummy, in which a boy grows and develops, a saturated straight stripe often appears. Sometimes the "marking" may deviate to the left.

Determine the sex of the future child and you can by the size of the mammary glands, as well as the color halo. When bearing the heir, the nipples and the part adjacent to them become darker, and almost always the right breast swells more than the left one.

The increased hairiness on the legs and hands during pregnancy also indicates the birth of a boy. This phenomenon is caused by the predominance of male hormones in the female body. However, in such a hormonal imbalance, you can find a plus: when a hero rises a woman looks beautiful and becomes more attractive day by day. Despite her position, she behaves gracefully and easily, radiating joy and tranquility. By the way, together with his wife, her second half, that is, her husband, "blooms" and gets better, and this is also a sign of the birth of her son.

State of health

It is believed that women who have a boy under their heart, are much easier to tolerate pregnancy. The most pleasant sign of this is the absence of exhausting nausea, which often persecutes expectant mothers in the morning. Toxicosis, of course, no one canceled, but it is much easier and faster than with the bearing of a girl.

There are other signs characteristic of pregnancy. For example, in women, urine has a bright yellow color, legs often freeze, and palms practically all nine months dry. Frequent headaches also indicate the birth of a boy. Although the last sign refers to the category of unpleasant, but the experience of our great-grandmothers testifies to its reliability.

"Diagnosing" the sex of the baby in the folk way, it is important to take into account not only the state of health of the pregnant woman herself, but also the condition of the baby in her womb. It is believed that boys have a heart beat at a higher frequency than girls. Also, be careful of the baby's stirring. If he pushes more from the right side of the tummy - expect the birth of a son.

Taste preferences

Everyone knows, that for nine months of pregnancy a woman's taste preferences change. Then she wants a salty and sharpened, then, on the contrary, sweet and delicious. However, not everyone knows that eating habits are also peculiar signs of bearing a boy. If in the tummy of a mother grows a son, then it will be more to pull on salty and sour dishes, but to sweet she will be indifferent. Usually, when a woman expects an heir, she begins to give preference to protein foods: meat, fish, dairy products.

Mood of a pregnant woman

It's no secret that during pregnancy, a woman's mood becomes not just changeable, but unpredictable. Not for nothing that this topic is devoted to so many jokes and anecdotes.

However, it is impossible to say this about women who bear sons, because they differ in elevated mood and psycho-emotional stability. Mom, expecting the birth of a son, are less capricious and capricious. During pregnancy, they do not fall into depression, are less irritated and nervous at the slightest occasion, as often happens when the girl is born. Almost all nine months mummies future heroes are active, cheerful and cheerful. Interesting experiments

If all of the above methods give a questionable result, and the child's gender still fails to be established, it is possible to try the time-tested folk experiments.

For example, insert a thread through the engagement ring and hang it over the round belly. If it will circulate in a circle - wait for the hero, if not, then the heiress will be born. Such homemade "ultrasound" was often used by ancient midwives. Instead of a ring, you can also use a conventional sewing needle.

There is another way that a man can learn the sex of his heir. Put a regular door key on the table and ask your spouse to take it. If she takes him for a rounded part, then expect the little one, and if for an elongated one, get ready for the birth of your daughter. It is interesting that the key, taken from the table along the middle, is a sign of twins.

If this is the second or third pregnancy in a woman, then the older children can determine the sex of the future baby. Try to remember what word was first pronounced by your first-born. If "dad" - expect the birth of his son, and if "Mom" - daughter.

At the end

As you already understood, all of the above signs and popular beliefs are just guesses. You can find out the exact answer to the question you are interested in all nine months only during childbirth! In any case, the appearance of a new member of the family is a joy and happiness for every parent!

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