Psychological preparation for childbirth

Psychological preparation for childbirth - useful advice and recommendations

To overcome your fear and uncertain emotional state, modern women go to special training courses for childbirth. However, a positive emotional mood should persist in a woman during the entire pregnancy. And you need to achieve this yourself. Here are some tips that will help the proper course of pregnancy and childbirth.

Express emotions

Psychologists say that during pregnancy there are many new emotions. Their appearance depends on the effect on the body of different hormones. Because of frequent changes in the hormonal background, emotional instability appears. Of course, in addition to physical changes in women, there are many psychological reassessments. For example, there is a change in life priorities, the future mother begins to present herself in a new role.

Encourage your own whims

After the tenth week of pregnancy, the mother and the future child have a strong relationship. Thus, through the placenta, the fetus not only takes the necessary nutrients, but also transmits its mood and desires to the mother. This explains the strange whims, especially in food. All this should be encouraged, because food desires may indicate that the baby is missing an element - fluoride, calcium, vitamins.

Take care of your health!

And at the same time, do not take pregnancy as a disease. Indeed, from time to time there are unpleasant symptoms, but do not concentrate on it own attention. Nausea, digestive problems, back pain, decreased immunity - all this, though unpleasant, but serves as a normal manifestation of pregnancy. Although difficult, but more think about the future happiness - the appearance of native blood.

Do not pay attention to forgetfulness.

The normal state of the expectant mother, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy is a small forgetfulness. The reason is that the brain is completely different - maintaining a pregnancy. After birth, the brain will work as before.

Relax more!

If before that, you always thought about work and home worries, then pregnancy is a great period of life to take time for yourself. Any stress should be immediately removed - take a slow breath through your nose, then hold your breath for a couple of moments. Then also slowly exhale through the mouth. Five minutes of such exercises - and you will become much easier.

Do interesting things.

Do not absorb yourself only by household chores, find yourself an interesting occupation - painting, embroidery, knitting. In doing so, do not forget to meet with your friends, constantly communicate. The fact is that while sitting at home, depression can develop, and it's bad to show up on the development of the baby.

In addition, constantly stimulate your positive attitude, listen to music, watch good movies, walk more in nature. If possible, do special fitness for pregnant women. Try to make sure that all negative emotions immediately go out, so it will be easier to learn to think positively.

As for the birth itself, you should not focus on the possible pain, because the more you are afraid, the stronger will be the pain. For a positive attitude during childbirth, follow our advice for proper relaxation.

  1. Auto-training. Repeat to yourself the same phrase - "I am relaxed" or "I am completely at peace." This will help you relax at the right time and do not panic.
  2. Visualization. This process is a vivid representation of the future goal. If during the delivery you will think more about how happy it is to give birth to a healthy baby, then everything will go well.
  3. Correct breathing. It is a pledge of painless and healthy childbirth.

Think positively, and everything really will be fine!

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