Pubic bone during pregnancy

Why does the pubic bone hurts during pregnancy?

Not so obvious, but still touch the change and pubic bone of a woman. The pubic bone is one of the three bones that form the pelvic bone. This is a pair of bones consisting of two bones that form the fore articulation and form the anterior wall of the pelvis. With the right constitution, the pubic bone has the shape of a roller and a thickness approximately from the thumb of the hand. The pubic bone hangs like a kind of arch over the entrance to the vagina, and its edges are fused with the pelvic bones, on the whole this bone forms a pubic elevation.

During the second half of pregnancy, when the processes of preparation for childbirth are in full swing in the organism of the future mother, the pubic bone is also affected not so much by changes as by the influence of hormones. So, the pubic bone in pregnancy, or rather the fusion of the bones, their ligaments and cartilage, soften under the influence of the hormone relaxin. This pregnancy hormone naturally softens the bony joints, which is necessary to facilitate the passage of the child's bone marrow and birth canal at the time of delivery.

But it also happens that the process of softening of the junction arches does not proceed as planned by nature, and the pubic bone starts to ache during pregnancy. Basically, light pubic pain during the bearing of a baby medical staff, in the first place, is called the preparation of the organism for the delivery of the child. But if the pubic bone during pregnancy not only hurts badly, but the joint is also swollen and stretched, it becomes mobile and provokes a divergence of the bones of the forepast, the pregnant woman is diagnosed with "symphysitis".

What causes symphysitis, it is certainly hard to say for sure in every single case. Explain the changes that the pubic bone undergoes during pregnancy, and the individual features of the structure of the woman's body, and possible hereditary or acquired problems of the musculoskeletal system, and the lack of calcium in the body of the expectant mother, and the excess amount of the hormone relaxin.

If the pubic bone during pregnancy is constantly exposed to pain, in order to establish or refute the presence of symphysitis, it is necessary to visit a traumatologist and surgeon. If nevertheless Symphysitis was diagnosed, the pregnant woman is recommended to limit physical activity, wear a special orthopedic bandage, lie more often, walk less and sit for no longer than 30-40 minutes, drink calcium and eat calcium-containing foods. You can remove severe pain by applying No-shpa preparation, as well as physicians can offer to go to the hospital. As far as the divergence of the bones is concerned, the doctor will evaluate after 30-32 weeks, and if it is significant, the birth will be performed by a cesarean section.

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