Pulls the stomach at the beginning of pregnancy

Why pulls the abdomen during pregnancy, and what should I do?

So, let's look at the causes of the pulling sensations in the lower abdomen.

Very many women in early pregnancy feel the pulling pains, very similar to the sensations during painful menstruation. Therefore, some women take these pains for precursors of menstruation and do not suspect that they are pregnant. In fact, the nature of these pulling sensations in the lower abdomen is the softening and stretching of the ligaments of the abdomen, which is already ready for enlargement. In addition, such pains in the lower abdomen at the beginning of pregnancy very often arise due to increased gas formation, that pregnancy is quite normal. This happens because the increasing pressure of the uterus on the intestine disrupts the normal operation of this organ, which causes flatulence. In order to get rid of the unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, which are caused by flatulence, you should adjust the nutrition of the pregnant woman, namely: give up fried and fatty foods. This will help get rid of discomfort and adjust the body to proper nutrition.

As for the pains in the lower abdomen, which disturb the pregnant woman and are not the cause of flatulence, we advise you at first to listen to your sensations. So are these pains worried about you, or is the reason rather in the psychological mood that these pains are dangerous? After all, at the beginning of pregnancy, not only physiological changes occur in the body of a woman, but also hormonal, which lead to excessive emotionality. Therefore, before you panic and run to the doctor, try to calm down, drink mint tea and distract yourself from the thought of pain. If you manage to calm down, and the pain is gone - then there is nothing to worry about. Well, if the pain in the lower abdomen does not stop, but only intensifies, and moreover it is accompanied by bloody secretions, then these may be harbingers of the threat of abortion, under which one should immediately consult a doctor. However, let's not pre-adjust ourselves to the bad, but carefully listen to your body. We wish you an easy pregnancy and be healthy!

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