Raspberry leaves before birth

Raspberry leaves before birth

There is a controversial opinion about the miraculous abilities of crimson leaves to stimulate labor activity. It is assumed, that the vegetative broth promotes expansion of a uterus before sorts. In other words, a crimson drink prepares a female organ for a generic extension, which allows it to open up to the right size at the appointed time.

Unfortunately, this opinion is erroneous, since the decoction of crimson leaves has a slightly different effect on the pregnant woman's body. The fact is that the leaves activate the uterine contraction, which is the beginning of labor.

Raspberry remedy before childbirth: benefit or harm

There is no doubt that raspberry is useful. The plant is rich in useful vitamins and elements that are important for the human body. Berries and leaves are often used for colds. Raspberry broth effectively copes with high temperature, helps to eliminate cough and headache. Also, the plant has a hemostatic result. In addition, raspberries effectively eliminate problems with reproductive dysfunction in women, so doctors recommend using more often raspberry tea when planning pregnancy.

But do not forget that each organism reacts differently to a raspberry medicine, so allergic reactions may occur. In this case, it is necessary to stop the therapeutic measures.

When a pregnancy occurs, doctors do not recommend using a raspberry drink. It is allowed to take vegetable drinking only from the 36th week of pregnancy, and then only with the permission of the doctor. Independently to use the pregnant leaves of raspberries as a medicine is forbidden, since the broth can provoke activity. In this case, immediately call an ambulance. If the time of delivery has not yet come, then the contraction should be stopped medication.

Do raspberry leaves help to activate generic activity?

The fact that the medicinal plant positively affects the process of delivery, there are no disputes. However, when treating, the temperature of the drink should be taken into account. For example, cold drinking improves the elasticity and elasticity of intimate muscles, a warm broth activates the onset of labor activity, and a hot drink - causes contractions and speeds up the process of giving birth.

Doctors recommend that women drink a warm broth with raspberry leaves before giving birth. Too hot drink can intensify the contractions and complicate the very process of childbirth.

How to properly use crimson leaves during pregnancy.

Before using raspberry leaves to stimulate delivery, check with your doctor. The specialist will tell you whether it is appropriate to use them and advise how to properly drink the medicine so as not to harm you and your baby.

Basically doctors advise to start raspberry therapy from 36 weeks. At the initial stage, you need to drink no more than 250 milliliters (one glass) per week. Every seven days, the dosage of the drink should be increased by a glass, so that at 40 weeks the volume of the liquid is one liter per week. But do not forget that you should not get involved with a hot drink, as complications are possible. Therefore, drink raspberry tea, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 degrees.

If such a treatment scheme does not have a positive dynamics, and at the appointed time, the birth activity has not begun, then it is necessary to make some adjustments in taking raspberry drink. In this case, a woman should drink four cups of broth with raspberry leaves: two warm and as much hot. Such a scheme should activate labor contractions. However, it is forbidden to resort to such treatment alone, even if the time has come, and the baby is not yet in a hurry to see the world. Only a doctor can decide whether additional stimulation of labor is necessary.

Additional methods of birth stimulation

In addition to crimson leaves, there are other ways to approximate labor activity. Many women wonder, but sexual relations help the uterus begin the process of childbirth. The thing is, that in the male secret there is prostaglandin. It is this hormone that has a softening effect on the walls of the uterus, which brings the baby's date of birth closer.

But this method is not recommended for women who have an abnormal location of the placenta or have other pathological disorders.

There are other ways to stimulate labor, so mothers have, from which to choose. However, do not forget to consult your doctor first.

Physical activity is an excellent stimulus for labor. The best option is walking on fresh air (not less than 3 hours). Also useful for pregnant women will be climbing the stairs. Equally effective are dancing classes, where there are light movements of the hips.

But about the exercises on the simulator or the lifts of gravity pregnant women need to forget. Also, you should not overwork your body with physical stress.

Another effective way is to massage the mammary glands, namely the nipples. The fact is that massage movements activate the production of oxytocin - a hormone that affects uterine contractions. Regular execution of the massage will make it possible to approximate the date of birth. In addition, thus, your breasts will be prepared for the future feeding of the baby.

Do not forget about nutrition. Pregnant women, in order to activate the process of delivery, it is necessary to consume as much as possible products containing fiber, which contributes to the reduction of the uterus. In other words, women during pregnancy, and especially before childbirth, it is recommended to supplement your menu with fruit and vegetable products.

If you combine the use of raspberry drink and the above methods of stimulation, then you will ease the birth process, and the long-awaited meeting with the baby will take place on time and without complications.

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