Renny during pregnancy

Rennie during pregnancy - instructions for use, contra-indications and reviews

A good antacid

Antacids are called drugs that can neutralize the excessive acidity of gastric juice. This is how Renny works.

Rennie is calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Getting into the stomach and interacting with gastric juice, Rennie decomposes into calcium and magnesium salts. Some of them are excreted by the kidneys, the rest fall into the intestine, where they turn into insoluble compounds and are excreted along with feces.

Renny works fast enough because of good solubility: excess hydrochloric acid of gastric juice is neutralized immediately after Rennie enters the stomach, so after 3-5 minutes you will feel relieved.

So, Rennie can be used for heartburn and other conditions associated with increased production of gastric juice: with belching, abdominal pain, a feeling of heaviness in epigastrium, stomach overflow, flatulence, dyspepsia. In this case, the drug does not treat the disease, but it eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of its manifestation.

Is it possible to be pregnant?

Special studies on the effects of Rennie on pregnant women and intrauterine fetal development have not been conducted. Therefore, it is sometimes possible to find the wording that Rennie can be prescribed to pregnant women only if the benefit exceeds the risk. But practice shows that Rennie does not have a negative effect on either the fetus or the pregnancy itself. But the positive effect of the drug is obvious. In addition, it is known that Rennie does not enter the blood of the mother, and hence the fetus, too, so it is absolutely safe in the period of gestation, doctors are sure.

Doctors say that heartburn can not be tolerated. Pregnant women complain that it's just impossible to do. Of course, the most correct way may seem to be the way to combat heartburn during pregnancy with folk remedies, like milk, sunflower seeds, a crust of bread and others. But not everyone can find something, that helps in an individual case (the same milk extinguishes acidity is far from every pregnant woman), and not always there is an opportunity to resort to such means: in the metro or at a meeting, seeds are not particularly pampered. Therefore, taking a pill can be the only way out. And Renny for this very well. Moreover, it does not need to be washed down.

The only thing that should be paid attention: up to 1 month of pregnancy to these pills all the same it is impossible to resort. I would say that the fact that Rennie is allowed to children only from the age of 12 is of some concern. In any case, be careful on the subject of allergic reactions (very rarely there is Quincke's edema, rash, anaphylactic reactions). After the first reception, look after yourself.

How to take Rennie during pregnancy?

It's very convenient to take Renny: just pick up 1-2 tablets in the oral cavity. If there is a need, after two hours you can repeat taking the tablets. In total within a day you can take no more than 16 pieces. Pharmacists assure that the drug is completely safe, if you resort to it from time to time and do not increase the allowable dosage. In this light, the comments of expectant mothers such as "the whole pregnancy just drank it" are a little worrisome.

If you are taking iron preparations, then do not combine them with Rennie: these pills reduce their absorption.

And before you contact Renny for help, still consult your doctor: Rennie also has some contraindications for use, such as kidney dysfunction.

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