Rhesus conflict pregnancy

Rhesus conflict during pregnancy - causes, symptoms and treatment

So, the negative Rh factor means that the red blood cells do not contain the protein of the "rhesus" system, as happens in other cases. This means that if a person gets into the blood of foreign red blood cells with the presence of protein, the immune system of the woman rejects them, taking for a foreign body. It is this process called Rh-conflict. By the way, more than 15% of the world's population have Rh-negative factor.

During pregnancy, in women with a negative Rh factor, there is a high probability of occurrence of Rh-conflict with a future child, which often happens if the father of the child has a Rh factor positive. However, this does not mean that you can not become pregnant in any case. Just be aware of preventive measures, as well as carefully observed by the doctor during the entire pregnancy, in order to give birth to a healthy and strong child.

Therefore, if you are just planning a pregnancy, be sure to submit a blood test for the determination of the Rh factor. And the father of the unborn child must also know his Rh factor. Thus, you will know before pregnancy whether you are at risk or not. In addition, it is proved that in the first pregnancy, even with Rh-conflict with a future child, the risk of losing a child is very low. This is explained by the fact, that before pregnancy the blood of a woman with a negative Rh factor did not meet with a positive one, and her body, as a rule, does not produce a dangerous amount of antibodies that can harm a child. But in the case when pregnancy occurs a second time or a blood transfusion took place, that is, antibodies have already been developed, complications are possible during pregnancy.

The fact is that in such cases, the mother's antibodies, penetrating the placenta, tear away and destroy the red blood cells of the child. The consequences of such a reaction are very serious, as for a future child it threatens with oxygen starvation, as well as damage to his body until death.

To prevent the occurrence of Rh-conflict, modern medicine has developed a whole system of preventive measures. At first, this is a constant control of the amount of antibodies in the blood of a pregnant woman. Secondly, treatment with a drug such as immunoglobulin, which is administered before pregnancyand warn of this development of Rh-conflict between mother and future child. And, thirdly, if the amount of antibodies in the body of a mother increases, she will be offered to be observed in a specialized center, where they will provide minute-long control over the situation and round-the-clock medical care.

In addition, in very serious cases, when Rh-conflict is actively developing, doctors can offer to perform intra-uterine blood transfusion. Thus, they artificially introduce red blood cells and the baby is able to develop further without the threat of abortion. It should be noted that in case of Rhesus-conflict pregnancy, the period of bearing of the child is reduced to 38 weeks. It is believed that the last two weeks of pregnancy in this situation are especially dangerous for the child. Therefore, at 38 weeks, a cesarean section is performed and the health of the baby and mother is closely monitored.

Thus, one can come to the conclusion that Rh-conflict pregnancy is not a vice and not a cause for grief. In modern medicine, which every year is being improved, there are many ways to prevent the development of pathology and help a future mother in bearing a healthy baby. Therefore, follow the advice of specialists, follow all the instructions, and most importantly, believe that everything will be fine, because it is proved that a positive attitude can overcome any difficulties. And for the sake of a healthy child, a loving mother will go to great lengths, is not it? Be healthy and happy.

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