Sage in the planning of pregnancy

How does sage help in planning a pregnancy?

The use of sage in planning pregnancy

This medicinal plant has many of the medicinal properties that a woman's body needs. In particular, sage improves the hormonal background and is a natural substitute for the most important female hormone estrogen. It is thanks to a sufficient amount of estrogen in the woman's body that a long-awaited pregnancy begins. Therefore, if the level of natural estrogens is low, it is recommended to start taking sage. In addition, sage accelerates the growth of the follicle and ensures the normal functioning of the ovaries.

How to take sage when planning pregnancy

Take the sage when planning a pregnancy you need right after. how will the menstruation end, right up to the beginning of ovulation. To prepare a healing broth you need to buy sage leaves in the nearest pharmacy, and brew 1 tablespoon with one glass of boiling water. After this, the broth should be infused for 20 minutes. Take a sage broth for a quarter of a glass three, four times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is from one to three months.

In addition, the broth of sage can also be used as a syringing, just before intercourse.

It is important to note that once the pregnancy has come, taking sage, and syringing the grass should be stopped. In addition, after ovulation, gradually reduce the dose of sage intake by distributing one glass of broth for a week.

Treatment with sage is contraindicated in endometriosis, uterine myoma and polycystosis. Besides. Before you start treatment with sage, you need to determine the level of estrogen in your body. And for this you need to see a doctor and take tests for hormones. In fact the sage is shown only to those women at whom the level of an estrogen is underestimated. Otherwise, the excess of this hormone can provoke a situation when the egg will burst early and conception simply does not happen.

Given all the advantages and disadvantages of sage treatment in planning pregnancy, we can conclude that traditional medicine can only serve as an adjunct to treatment, but not solve it.

Therefore, when planning pregnancy, we recommend that you carefully monitor your health, eat right, engage in physical education, often rest, especially in the fresh air and do not doubt that the long-awaited pregnancy is bound to come.

In the process of pregnancy planning, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a special diet for conceiving a child, control ovulation by measuring basal temperature and get acquainted with the poses that are favorable for the conception of the baby.

After reading this information, you will approximate the moment of long-awaited pregnancy and approach the issue of pregnancy planning with all responsibility and health benefits.

In conclusion, we note that even if you have not yet managed to get pregnant, you do not need to despair. Believe, do not lose hope, and you will certainly become wonderful parents of a wonderful baby!

Good luck to you!

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