SARS during pregnancy

ARVI during pregnancy - symptoms, treatment and consequences

The main thing is not to panic!

What actually hides behind the familiar abbreviation - ARVI

In the scientific literature, ARVI stands for - acute respiratory viral infection - a group of upper respiratory tract viruses, with or without fever , symptoms of intoxication, with the development of inflammation.

ARVI has several varieties, but the common symptom is the common cold.

Her symptoms are known to us from childhood: weakness, headache, lack of appetite, fever (may be minor, taking into account suppressed immunity during pregnancy), sore throat, cough dry or wet, stuffy and / or plentiful discharge from the nose, pain in the eyes.

Respiratory viruses spread through the release of a sick person into the environment when coughing and sneezing. After that, viruses settle on different surfaces and already with them can & ldquo; migrate "to the mucous membrane of a healthy person.

What is dangerous for an ARVI for a pregnant woman

It's no secret that pregnant women are very prone to contracting ARVI due to a decrease in the barrier functions of the immune system. viruses in case of incorrect or untimely treatment can lead to a miscarriage, so it is important to avoid infection, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

How not to get into the network of insidious viruses

Rules that will help you reduce the chance of & ldquo; it is important to properly and fully eat in order to receive all the necessary vitamins and trace elements (in the autumn - spring period, additional vitamins can be taken as prescribed by the doctor)

  • try to walk more often, but choose small places
  • exercise (if it is not forbidden by the doctor)
  • get enough sleep and avoid stress
  • minimize contact with ill relatives and use a gauze dressing for this.
  • What to do if you fell ill

    The most important thing - do not self-medicate. Even if it seemed to you that the cold is easy, you should see the doctor. If consultation with a doctor is not immediately possible, and the first signs of the disease make themselves felt, you need to listen to the following tips:

    1. If the doctor does not restrict you in consuming liquids, then drink more warm tea with honey or raspberries.
    2. If you have a very high temperature, you can drink aspirin (no more than 1-2 tablets).
    3. To strengthen the immunity drink an infusion of rose hips (it is recommended to drink a glass a day in several receptions).
    4. Use inhalations when coughing.
    5. Do not use vasoconstrictive drops in your nose, or use aloe vera juice (it may cause a miscarriage). In the fight against a runny nose, you can help wash the nasal passages with a weak saline solution or a calendula solution (5-7 drops of calendula tincture on a glass of water). After washing, you should blow your nose well (it's correct to do this first, first, then another nostril). Do not hurt and acupressure, which will help remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa. Do it as follows: massage the point in the center of the bridge of the nose, paired points in the groove of the beginning of the eyebrows, at the temples, in the furrow of the wings of the nose, under the malar bone at the level of the outer corner of the eye, and also the paired points on the malar bone that are located on the line passing in the center of the eye.
    6. Do not steam or warm your legs (can lead to a contraction of the uterus and miscarriage).

    A few more rules that will help you with no consequences to cope with ARVI

    Do not stop taking your prescribed medications immediately after the acute manifestations of the disease have been removed (that is, the treatment will be interrupted) in order to reduce the impact on the fetus, as this may entail a relapse of infection or the attachment of another flora. This development of events will entail the repeated intake of chemicals and, as a consequence, will repeatedly increase the risk of exposure to the baby.

    When assigning any drug, before taking it, carefully read the instructions and do not be too lazy to clarify with your doctor all the questions that arise with you related to this medicine.

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