Sea-buckthorn during pregnancy

Seabuckthorn in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

Benefits and harm of sea buckthorn during pregnancy

Fresh berries of sea buckthorn are saturated with vitamins A and C, B1 and B2, B6 and B15, PP and E, K and B9, which allows them to be an excellent method of combating vitamin deficiencies and a means of strengthening immunity. The berry is rich in flavonoids and carotenoids, coumarins and phospholipids, apple, coffee, lemon, tartaric acids, tannins.

As for trace elements, it contains magnesium and silicon, iron and calcium, manganese and selenium. This composition allows future mothers to be calm for the formation of the musculoskeletal system of the fetus, in which calcium and phosphorus take an active part. Folic acid (vitamin B9) in the sea buckthorn protects the fetus from malformations, it is not for nothing that folic acid is prescribed for pregnant women before conception and during the period of gestation.

Iron, which is saturated with sea buckthorn, allows you to maintain a proper level of hemoglobin and not be afraid of anemia. Magnesium in combination with vitamin B6 helps future mothers save nerves and avoid stresses, mood swings, which they are very often exposed to.

Sea buckthorn has excellent regenerating properties, which makes it possible to use it for injuries and burns.

Sea-buckthorn oil during pregnancy has a wide range of possibilities. Thanks to its healing, antibacterial, soothing properties, it can be used to treat internal diseases and external skin lesions. With angina and flu, sea-buckthorn oil can lubricate the throat and dig in the nose. Such treatment will help to avoid the use of chemical drugs, which is very important for expectant mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy.

In addition to the benefits, Sea-buckthorn can carry for pregnant women and harm. For example, a significant amount of carotene in the berries can cause an allergic reaction, and in inflammations of the pancreas and gall bladder, sea buckthorn should be used carefully because of the significant content of its acids.

Possible use of sea-buckthorn in pregnancy

Future mothers are more likely than others to catch colds. Therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease should be used sea buckthorn oil. Thanks to the richness of vitamins, it works very well on inflamed mucous noses and throats. So, for example, the runny nose will pass very quickly, if you dig in to each nostril several times a day sea buckthorn oil. You can just put tampons in your nose with it for 10-15 minutes.

With inflammation of the throat in the future mother should add a teaspoon of oil in a glass of warm boiled water and rinse the tonsils. You can simply lubricate the tampon moistened with oil, tonsils.

In pregnant women often on the face there are inflammations, pimples, pigmentation. In a few days they can be cured with the help of sea buckthorn oil. You need to lubricate the cleansed face and do it every day. To moisturize dry skin, it is recommended to combine the oil with honey, yolk. Such masks will help to eliminate fine wrinkles, dryness, give the skin velvety and freshness.

Often stretch marks appear on the skin of pregnant women, especially in the chest and thighs. To reduce them and avoid the appearance of new ones, you need to lubricate the skin with sea buckthorn oil. It will serve as an excellent means of skin regeneration, will soften it and will allow to avoid traces from these extensions after sorts.

Often in the period of bearing a child, a woman worsens chronic diseases. But in this case it is able to help sea-buckthorn. Relieve pain when exacerbating the ulcer of the stomach by enveloping the mucous will also help sea buckthorn oil, if it is taken 15-20 minutes before eating on a teaspoon.

So, the sea-buckthorn during pregnancy will serve as an assistant in a healthy diet, caring for the skin, treating colds and strengthening immunity.

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