Sex after cesarean section

When and how to start having sex after cesarean section

So, according to the opinion of doctors, sex after cesarean section is possible no earlier than 6-8 weeks, depending on the degree of recovery of the birth canal and the tightening of the scar on the uterus. Recommendations for the "first time" can give a gynecologist - after examining the woman in childbirth. Childbirth (including, and by cesarean section), as is known, are a certain stress for the woman's body. And the consequences of this stress are manifested for several weeks after the appearance of the baby in the world - spotting with the presence of mucus. Allocations are a natural reaction of the body - in this way the uterus is cleansed of the remnants of tissue, its healing and restoration takes place. It is also important that the scar remaining after the operation on the uterus and the seam on the tummy of the parturient woman also "live".

A little delay with the return to sexual pleasures is also due to the fact that after the birth and birth of the baby, the female's sexual system is much more vulnerable to all kinds of infections. Bleeding and inflammation, divergence of the seam - these are possible negative consequences of premature initiation of sexual relations before the healing and restoration of the birth canal. By the way, a scar on the uterus and does heal completely only within a year or two after the operation. In this regard, doctors strongly recommend avoiding the risk of repeated pregnancy during this period if the delivery was by caesarean section. And so, too, sex after cesarean section should provide for the use of contraceptives, good, today there is something to choose from.

Certain problems in the intimate sphere can arise in connection with the feeling of discomfort and even painful sensations of a woman during sex. First, they can be caused by an insufficient amount of natural lubrication: the secretory functions of the body after pregnancy can not be immediately restored. If the feeling of discomfort is caused by the lack of sufficient lubrication, it makes sense to resort to the help of lubricants.

Another reason for the painful sensations during sex is the "tightness" of the muscles: the baby did not pass through the birth canal, and after abstinence from sex before the birth, the muscles and ligaments are still tightened. In order for the situation to change, it must take some time - sometimes up to 3 months. Therefore, to return to a sexual life, if the doctor has given on that "good", it should be gradually and gradually: the sexual act should occur without sharp jerks and rigid penetrations.

Speaking of sex after childbirth, one should also take into account the psychological and emotional state of the mother. Often, a woman after cesarean section is shy of the scar, and completely in vain. First, today you can freely purchase special ointments that accelerate healing and "resorption" of scars. Secondly, let it sound cynical, but the cesarean section even has a certain plus: the whole vagina, without rips and incisions, which often accompany the appearance of the child to the light in a natural way. Scar should not be shy at all, it is not a defect at all, but rather a testimony of successful motherhood.

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