Sex of the child in the form of the belly

Can I determine the sex of the child in the shape of the abdomen?

A boy or a girl?

"Are you waiting for the boy?" the friend asks, meeting her pregnant girlfriend. It is extremely difficult to keep from such a forecast, because we love to know everything, to be able to all and advise everyone. Therefore, at the sight of a pregnant woman, we will certainly try to determine the sex of the child in the shape of the abdomen. To do this is not so difficult.

The boy lives in a neat tummy, sharply projecting forward. Such a sharp stomach, so to speak, looks like a cucumber located horizontally. The boy's mother keeps the figure, despite the large load. And, looking at her from behind, you can not even tell that she is pregnant - the tummy is not visible, it is fed only forward.

The girl is indicated by an oblong oval tummy, which in front connects to the entire body in a smooth, flexible line. Such a belly looks larger in size and height than the "boyish" one. It seems to blur both upward and to the sides, and the mother becomes noticeably wider in the place of the previous waist. The belly of a pregnant woman is visible even from behind.

True or false?

People are happy to believe in such a "diagnosis". Despite the fact that ultrasound can determine the sex of a child with high accuracy, we do not deny ourselves the pleasure of believing in folk methods, including this one. And if you do not believe, then at least listen to them.

However, doctors in this matter are categorical: it is impossible to determine the sex of the child in the shape of the belly! Neither the size, nor the form, nor other parameters of the pussy can indicate to future parents on the floor of their heir. This popular feature has been refuted by many scientific studies and observations conducted around the world. Therefore, one can not believe in this method, experts are sure. The shape of the abdomen depends on the size and location of the baby, as well as on the parameters of the expectant mother: with the narrow pelvis the tummy protrudes forward (as a boy), with the broad - blurs out into the sides (like a girl). But here everything is very individual. The shape and size of the abdomen is also affected by the amount of amniotic fluid, the condition of the abdominal muscles of the woman (which is stretched with every subsequent pregnancy, because of which the stomach goes lower) the speed of weight gain during pregnancy (excess fat also affects the stomach and waist of the expectant mother in the literal sense of the word).

In general, the form of the belly should not be hoped for, and on this basis to determine the sex of the unborn child.

But no matter what the doctors say, and pregnant women still wondered, guess and will guess about the field of their future baby. It's so fun and fun! And that a pregnant woman cheers up, it is not forbidden. So indulge in your health!

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