Signs of pregnancy after IVF

The first signs of pregnancy after IVF

As a rule, if the transplantation into the uterus wall of a fertilized egg has been successful, pregnancy has come and develops, signs of pregnancy after IVF appear after the second week after fertilization. And by and large, these signs are no different from the symptoms accompanying pregnancy, which came naturally.

Swelling and increased sensitivity of the mammary glands with parallel darkening of the nipple of the nipple, weakness and increased fatigue, irritability are all signs of pregnancy after IVF, as well as symptoms of pregnancy. It is characteristic of pregnancy after in vitro fertilization and toxicosis, but only in the case of IVF toxicosis manifests itself almost always and more pronounced than with natural pregnancy. Nausea and hypersensitivity to odors, up to a strong aversion, vomiting (in many cases repeated, several times a day) are all signs of a toxicosis that has overtaken a woman after in vitro fertilization.

Signs of pregnancy after IVF are diverse, manifested in different cases in different ways and to varying degrees, both at the physiological and mental level. So, after in vitro fertilization in early pregnancy, many women notice an increase in basal temperature. This - a normal phenomenon for natural pregnancy, which is a consequence of the restructuring of the body to a new "mode" of work. At the physiological "level," at the same time, the expectant mother may feel some tingling in the uterus and lower abdomen. There are frequent complaints of pain in the lower back, "lumbago", giving to the feet, digestive disorders and gases. This situation is provoked by increased blood flow to the pelvic organs and a gradual increase in the uterus in size.

Since the future mother after a successful procedure of in vitro fertilization has to take hormonal preparations for a while, the symptoms of pregnancy after IVF are also expressed in a lowered arterial pressure against the background of increased temperature. With this state of affairs, the sensations of a woman are connected, as if she periodically "tosses in hot, then into the cold," manifestations of redness of the face, especially in the evening.

Also a sign of pregnancy after IVF is a restless sleep: a woman, because she feels unwell, gets tired faster than usual, falls asleep early and quickly, and then wakes up early. And often after a dream does not feel rested - there is a sense of "brokenness" and inexplicable apathy. Problems with sleep, as well as other signs of pregnancy after IVF, plus everything added to such unpleasant symptoms as dizziness and headaches, sudden mood swings, capriciousness.

The most dangerous and difficult period of pregnancy after IVF is the first trimester. It is during this time interval that the signs of pregnancy make themselves felt "at full strength", and it is in the first trimester that doctors most closely monitor the state of health of the woman and the way pregnancy develops. If everything goes "in a normal way", by the second trimester, very unpleasant signs of pregnancy after IVF significantly weaken, and many even completely disappear.

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