Signs of pregnancy in the early days

Signs of pregnancy in the early days

Frequent urge in the toilet

This sign of pregnancy can be observed only 2 weeks after conception. However, this is due only to changes in the hormonal background of the woman, and not because the fetus presses on the bladder. If you think logically, it becomes clear that the embryo at such a small time can not so much pressure on the bladder to cause so frequent urge to go to the toilet. But the fact that this sign exists and many women follow them is a fact.

Pain in the abdomen and lower back

Many women notice painful, aching pains in the lower abdomen, as well as traumatic pains in the lumbar region. The condition resembles the one that precedes the monthly, but in this case they do not occur. If you are confident in your pregnancy, but the pain worries, you should see a doctor. Such pain during pregnancy can indicate the tone of the uterus.

Changes in the color of female genital organs

Such a sign is likely to be noticed by your attending physician than you. However, to know that during pregnancy the female genitalia will swell a little, change the color from scarlet to bluish, it's worth it.

Increase in basal temperature

Basal temperature is the body temperature, which is measured in the rectum. This method is also known to our grandmothers. Thanks to this method, you can find out whether pregnancy has come, and if you keep a daily measurement calendar, then you also need to know the exact day of ovulation. In the case when it is necessary to learn about pregnancy, a few days, After waking up, do not get out of bed, measure basal temperature. If it is invariably 37 degrees or higher, this is a sure sign of the onset of pregnancy.

The following items are worth mentioning, as the most popular and tested repeatedly. Moreover, according to these signs, the onset of pregnancy is not only determined, but also confirmed by physicians.

Breast changes

Swelling of the nipples, a change in breast size, a pain sensation when pressing on them, and a white highlight called a colostrum is defined as another sign of pregnancy. However, only the doctor after the examination will give you 100% confirmation.


The symptom that every woman knows is morning toxicosis, which can last the whole day, and maybe does not manifest at all. But if you are suddenly haunted by sudden nausea, the gastronomic tastes have changed, and sudden fatigue is knocked down - maybe a new life is starting in your body.

Increased hCG in the blood

HCG, or the so-called "pregnancy hormone" begins to increase in the woman's blood, within a week of conception. This is the surest way to learn about pregnancy. To do this, you need to visit a clinic in which to pass a blood test to the level of hCG. In normal condition, this level is 0, and in pregnant women it increases with each week. Therefore, if you know roughly the date of conception, you can determine pregnancy by this analysis before the delay of menstruation.

Well, the last and most common sign of the onset of pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. However, it is important to know that the monthly can not come and for many other reasons. For example: violation of the hormonal background, inflammatory diseases of female organs, transferred infections, antibiotics, stress and much more. Therefore, to make sure about the presence of pregnancy, you can use the test, and it is best to visit the gynecologist.

Here, perhaps, and all the most simple and common signs of pregnancy in the first days after conception. However, we all remember that each organism is individual, therefore it is not worthwhile trying on these or other attributes for yourself without obvious reasons. And finally, even if all the signs are present - the last confirmation after examining the gynecologist, remember this.

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