Sore ribs during pregnancy

Why do ribs hurt during pregnancy?

These pains include pain in the ribs. The ribs do not change their shape during pregnancy, but sometimes it seems as if they are deformed, although in fact it is not so: the kid just seems to push them away. The more the fruit - the stronger it presses on the mother's ribs. Although it also happens that the pain in the ribs begins to torment a woman at the very beginning of pregnancy - from about the 12th week. Constantly growing uterus, trying to provide the baby in the womb as much space as possible, begins to "press" on the organs.

It is disappointing, but it is difficult to solve this problem, because, as we have already noted, very high pressure is applied to the ribs, especially if the baby constantly turns in the womb and tries to "swim higher" to the mother's heart.

Only Mama can help herself. If the kid rests against your ribs, try to take a deep breath, while holding your arm above your head. After - exhale, lowering the hand. Repeat this exercise several times: and the baby will move slightly. To make your ribs "breathe easier", arched like a cat: on all fours, resting on your arms, relax your back muscles, curl your back fully up, while keeping your head, neck and spine at the same level. When arched - lower your head and strain your abdominal muscles and priests. And, of course, repeat the procedure a couple of times.

Helps to overcome the "hypochondriac" pain and rest on his side - as soon as the baby starts jostling and pounding the legs in the ribs, lie on your side and rest. If "at the sight" of the children's legs - the right side, lie on the left, if the left one - on the right. This will relieve pressure on the internal organs.

As for the general recommendations - then keep the back straight, chest "roll out" forward, clothes are comfortable and comfortable, so that it crushes nowhere.

If the kid did not change his position with all your diligence, then it's cozy in your womb, but for the sake of this, you must agree, it's worthwhile to suffer! In time, he will nevertheless move to the bottom of the pelvic region - and then certainly the legs will be high, without touching your ribs.

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