Staphylococcus during pregnancy

Staphylococcus during pregnancy - causes, symptoms, treatment

And, as you know, pregnancy very often becomes the determining factor for the weakening of immunity. And just against this background - when the body's defenses decrease - it is likely such an unpleasant, and sometimes threatening, manifestation, like staphylococcus during pregnancy. Since the most common "habitats" of staphylococcus are mucous nasal and pharynx, and even carious teeth, it is not surprising that all pregnant women are strongly recommended to visit the otolaryngologist and dentist.

Varieties dangerous for pregnant staphylococcus

If we talk about the types of staphylococcus, which presents a threat to the pregnant woman, then there are three such bacteria.

As the least dangerous physicians classify saprophyte staphylococcus, the site of which is most often the genitourinary system and skin near the genitals. Respectively, and complications of saprophyte staphylococcus can cause, more and more concerning inflammation of the bladder, and sometimes - and kidneys.

A little more dangerous during pregnancy is the epidermal staphilococcus, which "lives" on the surface of the skin. Despite the location of the skin, epidermal staphilococcus does not cause skin problems in case of "activation", but if it gets into the blood, it can cause sepsis, and even inflammation of the inner shell of the heart.

But the "leadership" in terms of the consequences that can arise in case of infection, belongs to the golden Staphylococcus aureus. This very malignant type of staphylococcus carries with it a threat to both the mother and the fetus growing in her womb. For a woman, Staphylococcus aureus is dangerous for the subsequent development of many complex diseases - pneumonia, meningitis, peritonitis, severe purulent processes. It is fraught with Staphylococcus aureus and the development of many skin complications, such as furuncles, acne, barley. As for the fetus, in this case also the golden staphylococcus carries with it a great danger - in the form of infection of the membranes and the baby. Lain on the skin, Staphylococcus aureus is likely to penetrate the mammary gland and provoke the development of purulent mastitis. And it is also dangerous that, when releasing dangerous toxins, it can affect the newborn, which results in the formation of blisters on the skin of the baby, similar to burns.

Diagnosis and treatment of staphylococcus

In a good way, the possibility of carrying staphylococcus is desirable to exclude before pregnancy - at the stage of its planning. But even in this case, Do not despise, and perinatal diagnosis. In order to determine the presence or absence of a threat of the presence of staphylococcus, a stroke from the nose and throat is usually taken. Then the specialist counts the colony of bacteria, and in case their number exceeds the norm, it is determined with the need for treatment.

The doctor selects the treatment scheme individually in each individual case - depending on the location of the infection and the form of the disease. Traditionally, despite the fact that staphylococcus is highly resistant to antibiotics, therapy with staphylococcal infection without such medications is not bypassed. However, the most suitable should be selected only by a qualified doctor, taking into account the interesting position of a woman. Parallel to the treatment of staphylococcus are also used local antibacterial drugs, immunomodulating agents, bacteriophages. In the case when staphylococcus is localized in the nose or in the throat, regular rinses with chlorophyllite alcohol solution are shown, as well as instillation of Chlorfilipt oil solution into the nasal passages. Used in the treatment of staphylococcus quartz, and to avoid infection of the child - immunization with a pregnant staphylococcal anatoxin.

Prevention of staphylococcus during pregnancy

It is known that any disease is much easier to avoid than then fight it. Here and staphylococcus during pregnancy is easier to avoid, then not to worry, than the infection can turn around for the mother and child. Staphylococcus prevention consists, first of all, in strict observance of rules of personal hygiene. Considering, that staphylococcus during pregnancy often develops with a decrease in immunity, you should pay attention to your health - often walk in the fresh air, eat fully, regularly ventilate the room and not disregard physical education. In addition to the fact that you should regularly wash your hands and take a shower, it is also recommended to wash your breasts with soap regularly, and then dry them with a towel. And with the first manifestations of the common cold, perspiration in the throat, experts advise to gargle with a solution of warm water with salt, soda and iodine, but the nose - wipe with a cotton swab soaked in a solution of Chlorfilipt or Furacilin.

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