Stimulation of labor at home

Stimulation of labor at home

Often, in connection with the repetition of the future mother is invited to go to the hospital for artificial stimulation of childbirth. But not every woman will find such a step a necessity, giving preference to stimulation of labor without the use of medications. And in this case, the stimulation of childbirth at home can play a very, very good service. It turns out that there are many ways to stimulate this method. Some of them are more effective, some are less, but all with proper application are harmless and still able to bring results.

One of the "pleasant" ways to stimulate labor at home can be long walks in late pregnancy. Walking for 2 hours a day and more in the open air, a woman simultaneously receives a "portion" of health, and maintains a physical form, and keeps a good mood.

The same effect is provided by physical exercise: morning exercises, light gymnastics, dances - all of this can also be attributed to the methods of stimulation at home. To speed birth, it is advisable to abandon the elevator: "waiting" for his mother's child is useful as a stimulation for the birth of climbing to his floor on foot on the stairs, and stepping over two steps and lifting his legs as high as possible.

After a long walk, you can take a warm bath, a warm or contrast shower, make a warm compress on the lower back, because all this is also a stimulation of childbirth at home. Suitable and warming soft massage of the waist, and iodine net, again, near the waist.

A warm bath or shower, in turn, encourages the pregnant woman to a pleasant one and, in case of a delay in meeting with the baby, even a useful thing - for sex. Why useful? Yes, because sex is a great way to try to bring birth closer. The whole secret is, that the sperm contains a special component - the prostaglandin hormone, which helps soften the cervix and prepares it for childbirth. An additional method of stimulation is a soft massage of the nipples - you can and during sex. In the process of stroking the nipples, another hormone, oxytocin, is produced. It, in turn, causes uterine contractions and is considered a good antidepressant.

In order to approximate the period of birth, it is desirable to correct the diet. So, the presence of large quantities of fresh vegetables is welcomed - both in the usual form, and in the form of salads. In this case, salads are better to fill with vegetable oil: vegetables due to the availability of fiber will improve the intestinal motility, and the oil will help soften the uterus. Useful as a stimulation of birth can be the use of tea from the leaves of raspberries: 2-3 cups daily, starting from 34-36 weeks of pregnancy. At the same time, you can begin to apply and evening primrose oil - it contains a large number of fatty acids and promotes the production of prostaglandins. Use evening primrose oil to stimulate childbirth at home in capsules that are sold at the pharmacy.

Well, of course, for the early birth of a baby you need to communicate with him as often as possible, talking about his love for him and the desire for an early meeting. Psychologists say: already in the womb of the mother, the baby recognizes the voice and intonations of future parents, "listens" to words, even if they do not understand them. Therefore, the care and attention shown to the child verbally, necessarily "affect" his desire to quickly meet with his mother and father.

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