Stimulation of pregnancy

How can I accelerate the onset of pregnancy?

In general, the stimulation of pregnancy is produced by hormonal drugs. This is done if the ovaries do not fully mature ovaries. In fact, this procedure is a stimulation of ovulation. Selection of all necessary drugs for the procedure and their dosage is done by doctors individually. But not everything is so smooth, not always this procedure gives its desired results. It happens that the reason for the absence of ovulation can not be established, then the positive effect of stimulation of pregnancy will not have to wait.

Please note that the corresponding diagnosis - the absence of ovulation - should be placed by the doctor not only at the basal temperature, but also based on the results of a comprehensive analysis of hormones and continuous monitoring with ultrasound.

For example, hormones are recommended to be checked several times, because erroneous results are possible, which is simply not allowed. After all, it is strictly forbidden to initiate pregnancy stimulation if thyroid hormones, prolactin hormones and male hormones are not normal.

Even if the decision to conduct stimulation has already been taken, then before the procedure begins, an experienced doctor should make another spermogram of your partner.

Medical stimulation of pregnancy consists of several stages:

  1. Stimulation with clostilbegit begins on the 5th day and ends on the 9th day of the menstrual cycle. If the procedure is carried out by gonadotropins, it is started on the 2nd day of the cycle and ends on average in 10 days. The duration of any stimulation is strictly controlled by the doctor.
  2. A few days after the stimulation, the first ultrasound is performed. Subsequently, observation with ultrasound is carried out every 2-3 days. Until the follicles grow to 20-25 mm.
  3. Next, a woman is pricked with a hCG prick, and, thus, the ovulation process is started. It should happen in a day - a half after the injection.
  4. Then the doctor appoints the timing and frequency of sexual acts. During this period, the opportunity to become pregnant increases.

But not everything is so simple, if three times in a row after stimulation with clodilbegit nothing happened, then be sure to check again and choose other methods of treatment. In addition, note that clostilbegit is not recommended to take more than 5-6 times in life, as a result, a woman can find an early menopause.

In addition to medical stimulation of pregnancy, many women actively use and folk remedies. Most often, for this use infusions of three herbs, which can be bought at any pharmacy. It is a question of a sage, a boron uterus and a red brush. In the first part of the cycle, drink sage infusion (1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water) 3-4 times a day. It will help ripen the egg, increase the endometrium. Next, we take the brewed uterus prepared for the same principle. This herb contains progesterone - an early pregnancy hormone. Well, if you combine the uterus with a red brush - this is great for different gynecological diseases.

In addition, you can drink a decoction of rose petals, it contains a high concentration of vitamin E. As for other vitamins, it should be noted that vitaminsimulation of pregnancy is also necessary. You need folic acid, potassium iodide, vitamins.

The main thing, choose the method of stimulation of pregnancy, which is right for you. If something does not work out, change the methods of treatment and do not lose faith in the birth of a baby!

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