Stitching pains in the abdomen during pregnancy

Stitching pains in the abdomen during pregnancy

But sometimes it happens that the future mother really frightens stitching pains, appearing here and there. But most of all cause true panic if these pains are localized in the abdomen.

However, a pregnant woman should know that during the period of bearing a baby, one should pay attention not so much to the nature of pain, but to its intensity. Nevertheless, if some of the sensations really are alarming, it is better to consult a doctor. But we can describe some phenomena and their causes right now.

For example, stitching (but more often - pulling) pain can occur with the so-called hypertension of the uterus. If the pain is insignificant - just lie down, rest and calm down. If intensive, moreover, and accompanied by secretions, urgently apply for medical help!

However, during pregnancy, stabbing pain may occur in other organs. For example, motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract decreases during pregnancy. This leads to stagnation of fecal masses, flatulence, constipation and, as a consequence, to stitching pain in the intestines.

Sometimes sharp stitching pain indicates acute appendicitis. If stitching cramping pains are felt in the right hypochondrium, it may be cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder). & ldquo; Suffer & rdquo; during pregnancy, the pancreas can also. Pancreatitis, inflammation of this organ, manifests acute pain in the upper abdomen. Often during pregnancy, women complain of the pain of a pulling nature, which, as the bladder becomes full, becomes more intense and becomes stitching. Especially severe pain - at the time of urination. This - cystitis - inflammation of the bladder. Often, "colic" is a consequence of the presence of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections.

Some women complain of stitching pains in the coccyx during the gestation period. In addition to stabbing, pain can be blunt, they can be localized, and can be given to the perineum, lower abdomen, buttocks and thigh. The reasons for this phenomenon are extremely many, ranging from hormonal changes, psychoemotional stress and ending with the threat of premature termination of pregnancy.

Separately, we should single out a pathological condition, like ischemic-cervical insufficiency. It develops due to injuries to the neck and neck of the uterus. The cause of trauma is often abortion, childbirth (if the child is large), the use of obstetric forceps. As a result, the cervix opens and can not hold the fetal egg and therefore it sinks down. In this case, the woman feels stitching pain in the vagina. It is dangerous that it can cause a spontaneous termination of pregnancy. Most often it happens on the 16th week of pregnancy.

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