Stomatitis in pregnancy

Stomatitis in pregnancy - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Manifestations of stomatitis in pregnancy

Medical statistics show that every second pregnant woman has stomatitis. And the cause of this, as, indeed, and other diseases during pregnancy, is the violation of the hormonal background in the body.

The flow of this disease in women is characterized by the appearance of wounds on the mucous membrane of the mouth, reddening of the palate, cheeks, lips. Then redness develops into erosion and sores, which look white spots with a touch. And they do not just create discomfort. It is pain and inability to eat properly.

Proper treatment of stomatitis will save you from all consequences and dangers, so do not delay a visit to the doctor if symptoms of the disease appear. Only the attending physician will be able to select a course of treatment competently, so as not to harm the health of the child and his mother.

Possible consequences

Stomatitis appears against the background of a decrease in immunity in a future mother, when the body in a weakened state is not able to resist viruses and infections. Even not very thorough hygiene of the oral cavity can provoke the appearance of stomatitis. Viral, fungal and bacterial infections are easier to "register" in this mouth and begin to develop. Viral infections promote the development of herpetic stomatitis in pregnant women, fungal infections - candidiasis. An additional factor in the development of the disease is the smoking of the future mother.

Untimely treatment of a doctor with stomatitis can have dangerous consequences. The spread of infection outside the mouth can provoke inflammation of the mucous membrane of the genitals, high temperature and dehydration of the body, manifestation of stomatitis in a newborn, if the mother did not cure it before delivery.

But do not be afraid of stomatitis. He is very amenable to treatment with timely access to a doctor and accurate compliance with his prescriptions.

Diagnosis of stomatitis in pregnancy

In practice, for the diagnosis of stomatitis, the doctor examines the oral cavity of the patient, examines his medical record. There are no special tests for the definition of stomatitis in expectant mothers. And the symptoms of this disease in pregnancy are the same as in all patients. The main initial sign of the disease is reddening of the mucous mouth with tingling. Then begins the appearance of erosion, ulcers in the form of white spots with a red border. In pregnancy, a woman who has suffered from stomatitis, too, feels pain while eating, sensitivity of the tongue, fever, increased salivation. Sometimes you can get a pretty bad breath.

If stomatitis is accompanied by inflammation of the genitals, eyes, the appearance of fluid bubbles in your mouth, it means that you have started the disease and you need to contact the doctor as soon as possible. When the disease is neglected, the general well-being of the woman also worsens. It should be taken into account, that stomatitis is a recurring disease, therefore it is necessary to treat it correctly, revealing the cause.

Than to treat stomatitis in pregnancy

Treatment of stomatitis in pregnant women depends on the cause of its appearance. When it is a fungal infection, the therapy consists in the use of antifungal medicines. Most of these drugs are safe for the fetus. However, not all! To protect yourself, it is recommended to apply mouthwash. Take one teaspoon of simple baking soda and dilute it in a glass of warm boiled water. It is advisable to rinse your mouth every 30 minutes.

If the cause of stomatitis are bacterial diseases that result from injury to the oral mucosa, then antibiotic preparations should be used for treatment. Injuries result from the bite of the tongue or the internal surface of the cheeks. Often, the causes of injuries are burns with hot drinks or tongue piercing. An important point! Sometimes the treatment of stomatitis with the above drugs can lead to premature termination of pregnancy in the first months of gestation.

If the cause of this disease in a future mother is an allergy, then, first of all, you need to identify the allergen itself and eliminate it. Treat this stomatitis with antihistamines.

To successfully cure stomatitis, the expectant mother needs to be very careful about the hygiene of her mouth. This is the basis for prompt disposal of an unpleasant disease. It is necessary to choose a paste that disinfects, has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, that is, helps in the healing of ulcers and wounds.

Equally important in treating the disease and proper nutrition. Deficiency of nutrients or vitamins provokes the appearance of stomatitis and prolongs the process of treatment.


The best treatment is prevention. And the future mother must remember this axiom every day.

To ensure that this disease does not manifest itself, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. Thorough daily hygiene of the mouth. Use in addition to toothpaste with antibacterial effect, dental floss, rinses for the mouth.
  2. The use of always washed vegetables and fruits. They are usually collected a huge number of bacteria, germs in the period of transportation, sale, storage.
  3. The use is not cold, but boiled warm water in order to avoid a cold mucous membrane of the mouth.
  4. Additional intake of vitamin complexes to protect the body and maintain immunity.
  5. Buy products from trusted and reliable sellers.

How to eat pregnant women with stomatitis?

Future mums should carefully select a daily diet, saturating it with vitamins and trace elements. In the diet of a pregnant woman should be fresh vegetables, fish and meat.

You should know that the appearance of stomatitis can provoke the use of spicy dishes and citrus, cereals and sweets.

It is advisable for pregnant women to maintain a diet until the disease is completely cured. It includes the use of rough food, so as not to injure the inflamed mucous membrane of the mouth. It is recommended to abandon your favorite salty and spicy dishes, so as not to irritate the mucous. If you want to eat sweet preference, you should give honey. By the way, it is also useful to rinse the mouth with honey solution to reduce inflammation and healing of wounds.

Picking fruits and vegetables, choose those that have a neutral taste (not acidic). You need to use them in the form of gruel or juice.

To avoid injury to the mouth, you need to grind the meat for minced meat or make a pate out of it. Meat dishes during the treatment of stomatitis is better to cook for a couple. However, note that the protein food in this disease should not be abused. And it is even better to refuse at this time from the use of spices and salt in food. At least, reduce their number to a minimum.

Give preference to the use of broth. And, of course, focus on dairy products on the menu. They will not injure mucous membranes due to their consistency. In addition, you do not need to choose yogurt, kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, because the diet is not aimed at reducing weight.

During the treatment of a pregnant woman you can use porridge with oil: rice, semolina, oats, buckwheat.

Refuse from soda, coffee and juices from citrus. During the treatment of stomatitis, they can irritate the mucous membranes.

It should be noted that the products with this disease are better to eat in a warm form and in no case from the refrigerator. Cold - treatment is not an assistant.

So, the future mother, suffering from stomatitis, first of all, should start treatment on time. Diet, mouth rinses, hygiene and strict fulfillment of the doctor's purposes will help to get rid of the disease faster, not to allow it to grow into a threatening stage.

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