Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

In order to avoid the worst, it is important to go to the gynecologist as soon as you confirm your pregnancy. On examination, the doctor may suspect that something is wrong (in case the egg is not attached to the uterus) and then send you to an ultrasound or hCG.

However, not always the first gynecological examination of a pregnant woman can diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. If the term is still very small, it is almost impossible. Uterine ultrasound "sees" the uterine pregnancy from the first week already. A pathological little later. Therefore, it is important to focus on your own feelings. After all, if there are no complications and suspicions, the first planned ultrasound is performed at week 12, and in the case of development of an ectopic pregnancy this is very late: a spontaneous interruption of such pregnancy usually occurs due to a rupture of the fallopian tubes at 4-7 weeks of the term.

Harbinger of an ectopic pregnancy

Despite the fact, that the state of an ectopic pregnancy in itself is quite dangerous, it has no pronounced symptoms. Such a pregnancy is very easy to confuse with the usual. Similarly, there is a delay in the next monthly, swelling of the mammary glands, nausea, a change in appetite and so on. The characteristic pulling pains in the lower abdomen are normal for any pregnant woman in the early stages, like the smearing vaginal discharge. Therefore, it is rather difficult to suspect and even more so to identify ectopic pregnancy. Nevertheless, there are some symptoms that may indicate the development of just such a pathological pregnancy:

  • spotting spotting from the vagina;
  • menstrual flow on time or with a little delay, but in less quantity than usual;
  • Stretching or stitching pains in the lower abdomen or in the side (from the side of the fallopian tube, which has an egg attached);
  • low blood pressure;
  • dizziness, fainting is possible.

If you observe some of them in yourself - be sure to consult a doctor: there are many ways to determine where the fetus is attached and develops. And the gynecologist is obliged to do everything to establish an accurate definitive diagnosis in the presence of suspicions of ectopic pregnancy.

Dangerous symptoms: we urgently go to the hospital!

It is very important not to overlook the symptoms described above. After all, every day the egg divides and grows, and for this it needs enough space. If it is outside the uterus, then this condition is impossible. And then at some point there is a rupture of the fallopian tube (if the attachment was here), which is critical for a woman's life. To act in such cases is very fast. Ideally, right away, without delay, take the woman to the hospital. So if you have your own car - do not wait for an ambulance, go to the clinic as early as possible, because the situation is decided by seconds. A woman urgently needs surgery and, unfortunately, a fallopian tube, in such cases, it is almost impossible to save.

  • About aborting an ectopic pregnancy, the following symptoms say:

    • Severe and very severe pain in the abdomen, giving into the anus;
    • temperature may increase, chills;
    • weakness, increased sweating;
    • lowering blood pressure;
    • loss of consciousness by a woman is possible;
    • severe bleeding from the genital tract.

    This happens spontaneous interruption of ectopic pregnancy. And most often there is a rupture of the uterine tube, but other variants of the development of events are possible: for example, the ejection of the egg into the abdominal cavity.

    No matter how terrible it all sounded, but in the vast majority of cases (if not all) troubles can be avoided. Let's remind once again: if you suspect or confirm your pregnancy at home, you just need to turn to the gynecologist. And preferably not later than a week after the delay of the next monthly.

    We wish you never to face this phenomenon. But knowing a little more will never be superfluous.

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