Symptoms of infertility in women

Symptoms and signs of infertility in women

Types of female infertility

In order to more specifically understand the symptoms that characterize this disease, you first need to find out what kinds of species there are.

  1. Primary infertility - is inherent in those who never gave birth.
  2. Secondary - refers to the category of women who at least once in their lives endured the child.
  3. Absolute - this diagnosis is inherent in those who do not have genital organs, for example, the uterus or ovaries. In a word, when it is impossible to restore the childbearing function.
  4. Relative infertility is said when bearing and birth are possible after a certain treatment.

Signs or symptoms of infertility in women

The failure of the menstrual cycle is the first sign of the disease. Menstruation can be abundant or, conversely, meager or very painful. Sometimes it can last more than 50 days, and sometimes it stops completely. All these symptoms can be caused by hormonal failure in the body. With hormonal infertility, ovulation is also absent.

Another sign of the disease is an overabundance in the body of the female male hormone androgen. This is manifested by the active growth of hair on the body, fat and seborrhea of ??the skin, acne on the body. In this case, you need to undergo a test to the level of hormones and with the help of treatment to make their correction.

The next symptom of the disease are problems with the nervous system. If frequent stress, increased anxiety, nervousness, apathy, bad sleep became the norm of your life, then the conception of the child speech can not go.

There will also be difficulties with conception if women have abnormalities of the ovaries (polycystosis, malnutrition), obstruction or absence of fallopian tubes and chromosomal abnormalities in the ovules.

It is very difficult to conceive in the presence of chronic diseases, adhesions and diseases that are transmitted sexually.

An important role in the full conception of the child is the general condition and health of the future mother. If you are a fan of different diets, constantly controlling your weight and calculating calories, while remaining without a drop of excess fat, then the opportunity to conceive a baby in this case is zero. For full-fledged conception, gestation and childbirth, you need to be healthy in all respects: both physically and psychologically.

Frequent miscarriages are also considered one of the symptoms of infertility. If this happens, then something is wrong. The reason should be sought with a full survey.

At the first symptoms of the disease, you need to see a doctor.

What will the doctor do first?

A competent specialist will look for the reason for the impossibility of conception by a method of careful examination. First of all, the woman will have a gynecological examination. The specialist should make an analysis of the monthly cycle, as well as take smears from the vaginal mucosa. It is necessary to pass an ultrasound of the pelvic organs. In addition, the doctor should examine the hormonal status of a potential future mother, perform an endoscopic examination of the uterus, check the patency of the fallopian tubes. If necessary, the doctor will take a piece of the endometrium for histological examination.

Treatment can be medicated or with the use of a surgical technique. Everything depends on the cause and stage of the disease. Sometimes it is enough to undergo one course of drug therapy, and sometimes treatment requires a long correction of hormones in the body of a woman.

In any case, adjust to the positive. Remember that this diagnosis is not a sentence and does not cross your life. Emotional state plays a very important role in the process of conception of the child. So always rely on the best result!

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