Symptoms of pregnancy before the delay

Symptoms of pregnancy before menstruation delay

A woman planning a pregnancy, always with special attention monitors the reactions of his body after another attempt to conceive a child during the period of ovulation. It is explainable: with responsibility going to the preparation for pregnancy, observing all the rules and conditions for successful conception, after the work done in the ovulatory space, in the future any of the potential moms with trepidation guesses: and whether all the victories were crowned with success?

Experts in their beliefs about the diagnosis of pregnancy are unequivocal: with absolute certainty to assert whether the works on the creation of a new life were crowned with a delay, a positive pregnancy test result and a medical examination of a woman with ultrasound diagnosis. But in fact two weeks after ovulation to wait, whether the delay will be known, very many waiting for replenishment in the family couples almost beyond the power. And the future mother begins to listen with special preference to her body and track any changes in her habitual processes in it, trying to determine whether she should count on a successful outcome of attempts to become a mother. Has the treasured time X come, requiring a woman to adjust her usual way of life and special attention now to her own health and condition?

Determining the onset of pregnancy with an unequivocal verdict can be done only after a certain time: even if the egg was fertilized, it takes time for its successful consolidation in the uterus with subsequent active development. And so, too, all the possible symptoms of early pregnancy after conception experts are called indirect: that is, they may well indicate the actual pregnancy, and may be banal signs of impending menstruation, if with conception this time there was a blunder.

Whatever it was, to know about what symptoms of pregnancy before the delay indicate a high percentage of happening happiness, certainly, will not be superfluous. Wise people knowingly for a long time already defined: it is informed - means, it is armed. Therefore, we do not disregard any of the signs that may indicate a possible miracle. Certainly - without fanaticism and any special hopes (after all, these symptoms can only prevent the onset of pregnancy, accompanying PMS), but in a state of permanent readiness that soon hopes for providence will be confirmed.

Symptoms of pregnancy before delay: what to look for?

Symptoms of pregnancy before the delay, if manifested, are explained by the action of a special hormone of progesterone. It is this hormone that begins to be actively developed in the body of a woman from the moment of pregnancy, responsible for its preservation and further successful development. Under the influence of progesterone, the condition and well-being of a woman can change somewhat in the first few days after the completed conception.

  • And the possible signs of pregnancy may indicate the following signs:

    • swelling and tenderness of the chest. Already from the first days of conception, the breast begins to prepare little by little for the future lactation. The increase in mammary glands is expected to be associated with the action of the hormone progesterone: some women feel just a swelling of the breast, someone breast augmentation is accompanied by an increase in the sensitivity and soreness of this part of the body. Against the background of the pregnancy, it is also possible to change the nipples: they become somewhat larger in diameter. If the breast changes are really related to pregnancy, in the near future the nipples, in addition, will darken, and on the chest, it is quite possible that a vascular reticulum typical for pregnancy will appear;
    • Increased basal temperature. The increase in basal temperature occurs from the time of onset of ovulation: during this period, temperature charts record the indices at 37, 0-37, 3 degrees. If the work on the creation of a new life was successful, the basal temperature will be fixed on the mentioned elevations for the first few weeks. Elevated temperatures in this case are also explained by the effect of progesterone;
    • pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back. Whining cramps in the abdomen and, perhaps, in the lumbar region - another indirect sign that indicates the onset of pregnancy. The schedule is about to come monthly, the body is ready for another planned rejection of the unfertilized egg, that's what reacts with characteristic pain. In spite of the fact that the ovum already, in principle, is fertilized and either moves, or is attached, or has already fixed in the wall of the uterus;
    • spotting spotting from the genital tract. By the way, the process of fixing the egg in the uterus may well be accompanied by the appearance on the panties of the future mother of smearing blood. In this case we are talking about implantation bleeding, which manifests itself in the form of scanty pinkish or brownish discharge from the vagina against the background of weakness and unpleasant sensations in the abdomen. This situation can occur approximately 6-7 days after conception;
    • a change in the psycho-emotional background. Increased fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, mood swings, uncharacteristic woman capriciousness - all these signs may well indicate the accomplished conception. The reason for changing the general condition and psychoemotional fluctuations is the change in the hormonal background accompanied by the onset of pregnancy;
    • a change in taste and smell. For smells and gustatory qualities, women tend to start reacting somewhat later, already towards the end of the first month of pregnancy. Although, of course, in some cases, such signs make themselves felt almost in the first few days after conception. At least some of the mothers who have taken place can hear stories about how, long before the positive pregnancy test, they sensed the onset of this very pregnancy on unexpectedly changed taste preferences and a sharp reaction to individual flavors;
    • dizziness and headaches. Sudden headaches (up to migraines), dizziness, darkening in the eyes, pressure on the temples or the back of the head - all these symptoms can also indicate the presence of pregnancy already at its earliest. And, it is expected, such unpleasant signs of hormonal reorganization of an organism are explained;
    • Increased urination. Another possible symptom of pregnancy in the early stages is the increased need for a small toilet visit. Progesterone already now actively influences both muscles and tissues of internal organs, including. Blood supply, micro- and macrocirculation of blood in the genitourinary organs occurs already now, with which the possible increase in urination even before the delay of the menstrual cycle is associated;
    • metallic taste in the mouth and increased salivation. The sensation of metallic taste in the mouth in the first weeks of pregnancy will be confirmed not by one woman from those who have already successfully raised a child. Some of them will tell you how they suddenly found out that the mouth is filling up with saliva in large volumes and much faster than usual, and after a few days they found out about the pregnancy, which, in fact, this situation was connected with;
    • astringent whitish discharge. Thick secretions with a whitish shade from the genital tract are another result of the effect on the body of the hormone progesterone. Such discharges appear already in the period of ovulation, but if in the absence of conception they change with time, then in the presence of pregnancy, the density and whiteness are preserved.

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