Take a bath during pregnancy

How correctly to take a bath during pregnancy?

Taking baths has considerable advantages. In addition to removing stress, fatigue, tension, pain, the bath perfectly lifts the mood, improves blood circulation, restores the nervous system and even helps to remove toxins from the body. In addition, taking baths helps to cope with a number of "pregnant" consequences: removes puffiness and tension, facilitates and eliminates pain and even reduces the tone of the uterus.

Do not forget to pamper yourself with cosmetic and ethereal means. But choose a shower gel for pregnant women. And resorting to aromatherapy, carefully choose oils. During this period, you can recommend orange, bergamot, cayaput, levse, lemette, lemon, naioli, neroli, petitgrine, rosewood, sandalwood, tea tree and eucalyptus. But the basil, rosemary, cypress, cedar, patchouli, thyme are strictly contraindicated. Be careful with the dosage: 2-3 drops of essential oil is enough to swim in comfort and without harm.

But after all, my mother, grandmother and neighbor strictly forbade taking you to the bathroom before delivery! Be sure - this is a deep delusion! It was simply thought, that along with water in the vagina, women can get various infections and germs. Modern doctors are absolutely confident: the mucous plug securely protects the fetus and its environment from such mythical probabilities.

So, to deny yourself the pleasure to lie in a warm water is not worth it. But to adhere to some rules still have to.

  • Strictly prohibited hot water - its temperature should not exceed 38 degrees.
  • Stay in the bathroom should be limited to 10-15 minutes.
  • Put non-slip litter on the bottom of the bathroom.
  • Take a bath only if you are not alone at home - it's better to be safe in case you get sick.
  • It should also be remembered, that in warm water the temperature of our body rises, and at the same time the baby warms up. To avoid undesirable overheating of the fetus, simply leave your shoulders bare with water.
  • You can not take a bath after you have run out of water.

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