Test strip for pregnancy

Test strip for pregnancy - the principle of action, advantages, disadvantages, instruction, feedback

To carry out such a test, the strip must be lowered for a while in a dose of morning urine, then put it on a horizontal surface and wait for the result to appear (more details about this you will read in the instructions for the test). One strip refutes the presence of pregnancy (this is a control strip, confirming the suitability of the test for use), two (the second - already diagnostic) - confirm it. How it works?

A strip of dough has a special substance that reacts to gonadotropin by changing color. Manufacturing technology is very simple, which is displayed at a price. But modern gynecologists assure us that it is no longer necessary to wait for accuracy from such tests. The probability of a test strip error is considerable: if you overstrain it in a liquid or immerse it above a specified level, an error may very likely occur. The correctness of the result is also affected by compliance with technology and storage conditions. In addition, the reagent carrier of this generation of tests is paper that does not allow to withstand its exact concentration and can lead to an erroneous result. Yes, and collecting urine in a separate necessarily perfectly clean capacity loses the attractiveness of this method.

Therefore, doctors recommend to still appear to the gynecologist. There are qualitative high-tech tests for determining pregnancy, designed specifically for use in medical practice. They are available only for clinics and do not fall into retail sales. By the way, in most developed western countries of the world you will not find test strips for pregnancy in pharmacies.

However, many domestic women use the very simple and cheap test strips in their practice. If you are one of them, take into account that it is very important to conduct the procedure correctly. This is not particularly difficult, as detailed instructions are attached to each test. And for even greater accuracy, you need to know when to do a pregnancy test.

Strip tests produced by many manufacturers, and their price is very low - starting at 10 rubles. Here are some of the existing strips:

  • pregnancy test itest;
  • HomeTest pregnancy test;
  • Bee-Sure-S pregnancy test;
  • pregnancy test of Pani;
  • BabyCheck pregnancy test;
  • Nouwelle pregnancy test;
  • Pregnancy test Secret;
  • Pregnancy test My secret;
  • Pregnancy test Answer;
  • Bona pregnancy test;
  • test strip for pregnancy detection & ldquo; Happy Test & rdquo; ;
  • pregnancy test Test for West;
  • Evitest and Evitest Plus pregnancy test;
  • Pregnancy test Frautest and Frautest double-control and others.

Remember that using the test does not replace the advice and medical examination performed by a specialist. And no matter what the result of a home test, in case of delay, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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