The body is pricked during pregnancy

Why does the body itch during pregnancy and how to fight it

This may be a permanent or occasional itching, it can manifest itself or in combination with other symptoms, intensify toward evening or not change its nature. But anyway, before anything can be done, it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist, infectious disease specialist and dermatologist and find the cause of itching.

Why is the skin scrubbed during pregnancy?

When asked: "Doctor, why am I scratching with pregnancy?" - no doctor will answer you clearly, because there is simply no exact answer . But still the skin itch for some reason, and the reason for this must be sought.

There are several theories about the occurrence of pruritus of pregnant women. The causes are sought depending on the manifestations. This can be:

  • The appearance of stretch marks: due to the rapidly growing breasts and abdomen, the skin overstrains and a strong itching appears before the appearance of the striae in the areas of fiber rupture. This itching is localized in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, chest, sometimes the upper part of the hands. Occurs in the second half of pregnancy, most often in genetically predisposed and fairly well-adjusted mothers.
  • Cholestasis of pregnant women: caused by a violation of the liver in connection with the changes occurring during pregnancy in the body. Primarily accompanied by reddening of the palms and feet, which at the same time strongly itch. Over time, itching spreads to the entire body and intensifies in the evening and night hours. Cholestasis of pregnant women is most often manifested in the third trimester. The urine may become noticeably darker, and the feces on the contrary become lighter. The risk group includes women with high cholesterol levels in the blood and chronic diseases of the biliary tract.
  • Hormonal changes: they are often the cause of cholestasis. This itching is also localized on the palms and feet and only after childbirth.
  • Skin diseases: often occurs dermatosis and eczema of pregnant women, skin fungus and other diseases, accompanied by itching and other manifestations on the skin (flaking, rashes, swelling).
  • Allergic reactions: usually accompanied by rashes, redness and itching, as well as other concomitant symptoms. Provocateur can act as a detergent, a new shampoo, seafood, exotic fruits, pollen of plants and in general anything you like. Therefore, it is better not to experiment with anything now. In case of allergy development, first of all, it is necessary to exclude the effect of the allergen on the body.
  • Excessive sweating: sweat collected in the folds of the skin can cause itching and unpleasant sensations. If you notice that you began to sweat more, take a shower more often and change your clean clothes (certainly from natural fabrics). Tell the doctor that sweating has intensified, too, will not be superfluous.

Among the causes of pruritus can be and such serious diseases as diabetes and hepatitis. Therefore, it is still necessary to begin your research and solve the problem with a visit to the doctor. And let the skin itch in no way affect the baby, but Mom definitely brings discomfort, may be the cause of insomnia and bad mood and even pose a certain threat, if it is a sign of some kind of illness. And recent research shows that itching increases the risks of unfavorable course not only of pregnancy but also of childbirth.

How to eliminate pruritus during pregnancy

The solution to the problem depends on the established cause. With cholecystitis or another medical diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe a checkup, treatment and diet. In addition, you need to take good care of the skin. Try to take a cup warm (or summer), but not hot shower, rub yourself with a towel. Massage with the alternation of strokes and rubbing is especially useful with a tendency to the appearance of striae - it will greatly facilitate your condition.

After the shower, always apply a light moisturizing cream on the body, because the drying out of the skin makes the itching worse. Try not to overheat, wear loose clothes from natural fabrics, drink enough liquid.

Pay special attention to cosmetics - this should be as safe as possible creams and gels without perfumes and other harmful substances. There are also many recipes for folk medicine from skin itching.

If you follow all the doctor's recommendations, and the skin itching only intensifies or does not go away, be sure to tell the doctor about it.

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