The effect of alcohol on pregnancy

How does alcohol affect pregnancy?

Everyone who "regains" alcohol should think about possible consequences. Any binge easily gets through the placenta into the body of the unborn child. Further worse. Alcohol (ethanol), and the products of its decay - acetaldehyde, can cause a spasm of the vessels of the placenta and umbilical cord. Thus, this leads to oxygen starvation of the fetus. In addition, acetaldehyde reduces the level of zinc in the fruit cells, thereby disrupting their growth and development.

Even more frightening is that it is because of alcohol consumption that a pregnant woman can have mutations in DNA already at the early stages of embryo formation. As a result, the baby can be born with gross malformations of organs and tissues.

Even because of small doses of alcohol, there may be a deficiency of vitamins in the female body, Also, the exchange of important substances - hormones and prostaglandins - is disturbed. All this affects many systems of the body, but the central nervous system of the fetus suffers most. Different studies have proved for years that women who consume alcohol during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage, the birth of small children, and even the development of fetal alcohol syndrome.

By the way, this syndrome, like a disease, manifests itself in intrauterine alcoholic damage to the fetus. Fetal alcohol syndrome is characterized by specific abnormalities of the face, lag in physical and mental development, behavioral abnormalities, damage to the heart and other organs.

Tell unequivocally, what character of consequences of alcoholic influence it is impossible, after all each organism reacts differently. A large role is played also by the number and frequency of alcohol consumed. But all this is relatively relative. Sometimes fetal alcohol syndrome results in the use of 30 grams of alcohol every day, and sometimes for a lamentable result "it is enough" to use only 3-5 grams of alcohol. Thus, we can only say one thing - there is no single safe dose.

Let's still think logically, if you are pregnant and want a child, then perfectly, you believe that he will be born healthy, and in the future will bring you joy. So why put the baby's health in the womb? Is it so difficult to limit yourself for some 9 months?

Do not believe the stupid stories that a glass of wine improves blood flow. You can and it will be better, but the child will receive one more dose of alcohol and, probably, it will be fatal for its development.

If you really want beer or wine, then ask your relatives to limit thoughts about it. Best of all, when you are around no one will drink. Also limit walking on bars, and choose cozy cafes.

Think more about good, about benefits for your child!

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