The gestation period is 36 weeks

The gestation period is 36 weeks

Most fruits by this time are located & shy; Head down in the uterus. However, some ma & shy; Lashes (on the average - 4 out of 100) occupy a position downwards with buttocks. This is called the gluteal, or pelvic, presentation. In this case, it is possible & shy; we have some problems in childbirth, although we do not need to & shy; for example. Often enough, midwives warn their future mother that, that delivery by caesarean section for her should be considered as one of the real options.

There are a number of ways that give you the chance to sh & shy; edit the praise.

  • The first way is "Persuasion". For all the seeming unscientificity, such a technique & shy; ki it often gives a positive result! The essence of it is as follows: a specialist who owns this method, as if mentally convincing the baby to follow the hands of the doctor, placed on the woman's stomach. The most important thing is the lack of resistance & shy; From the musculature of the female uterus and the anterior abdominal wall.
  • The 2nd method is "Coercion". Despite such a bad name, nothing terrible during the attempt to turn the fruit is not about & shy; emanates. Just a future mother a few minutes a day spends in a special position - on the back, drink & shy; kicking feet into the wall, with a pillow under the waist. And so twice a week throughout the crescent. A kid who in this position feels very uncomfortable, sometimes self & shy; it turns 180 degrees.
  • The third way is reflexotherapy. With the help of a special wormwood cigarette for therapeutic cauterization, the special acupuncture (biologically active & shy) point that controls certain functions of the uterus is affected. The use of this method is borrowed & shy; from the arsenal of traditional eastern medicine & shy; can also cause a turn of the fetus.
  • The 4th method is an external obstetric turn. This technique is used only in obstetrician & shy; hospital. It is necessary to conduct a detailed ultrasonographic study of the position of the fetus, then introduce the woman medication, prevent & shy; rotating premature appearance of fights. The turn itself is carried out by the hands of a doctor who lifts the fetus from the pelvic cavity while simultaneously exerting a gentle pressure on the head and buttocks of the baby. In the case of any serious complications, from the occurrence of which this manipulation is not guaranteed, ex & shy; trenatal caesarean section.

The above methods are useful & shy; almost half of all cases. But even if all attempts were unsuccessful, the reasons for & shy; teetered not. Annually thousands of children are born in the pelvic presentation, and the vast majority of them have no significant complications.

In addition, recently there is such me & shy; that if the baby has taken a pelvic position, then it is not worth disturbing and forcibly turning over. Possible & shy; but, that's how it is more convenient for him.

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