The gestation period is 37 weeks

The gestation period is 37 weeks

A kid from 10-11 weeks is already called a fetus: the embryonic period of development is over, almost all organs and systems are formed, now it will grow actively, and a small organism will improve more and more. Formed to this month is the placenta, henceforth it is she who is responsible for providing the baby with oxygen and nutrition.

By the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, the baby is already moving his arms and legs, he can turn the head and open his mouth, swallow. In the size of a crumb reaches 9 cm.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the third month

The third retains all those signs that are inherent in pregnancy in the previous month. If in the second month the woman managed to "get acquainted" with the toxicosis, its appearance in the form of nausea and morning vomiting, the expectant mother is still accompanied every day.

Emotional "imbalance" is also preserved: for this period there is an unstable mood, irritability, incontinence, tearfulness. Everyone also has strange oddities in food and a sharp reaction to smells. By the third month, a woman is logically tired of such exhausting phenomena, but it remains to suffer a little more - with the passage of time their severity will go down, and the future mother will feel considerable relief.

Significant changes are undergone by the breast, for certain already now the woman senses its significant increase, some tingling in the mammary glands and itching. The breast is growing at a rapid pace, and the blue venous network probably already appears on it. It's time to start using special cosmetic products that prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The appearance of veins is associated with an increase in blood circulating through the body, with the same fact associated with a possible feeling of heat, which can occur during this period.

Because of the increased circulation of blood through the body, the veins, in addition, can appear not only on the chest, but also on the abdomen, and on the legs. This situation indicates the predisposition and possible development of varicose veins, so a woman needs to carefully monitor herself: to control weight; Do not spend much time on your feet without rest; sitting down, do not throw your foot on your leg and pick up with your doctor appropriate compression stockings or stockings.

And during this period, you will also have to think about upgrading the wardrobe and choosing more loose clothing: the figure of the woman is already beginning to round off, gradually felt an increase in the waist and hips, an extension of the pelvis. By the end of the month, the barely noticeable tummy is likely to begin to loom. Sensations and pains in the third month of pregnancy

In the third month, the sensations of quick fatigue and drowsiness are still common - the body performs a "program of conservation" of forces to provide an actively developing baby with energy. Against this background, frequent displays of inattention and absent-mindedness, forgetfulness.

In case there was an early toxicosis, nausea and vomiting, together with increased salivation, also still make themselves felt. But from now on these phenomena will gradually decline, and by the end of the month they should stop altogether.

One of the most common problems of the third month is the problem of frequent headaches. The appearance of these unpleasant sensations is associated with hormonal changes, and are now continuing in the body of the future mother. Most often, headaches make themselves felt during fatigue, after the agitation that has taken place. However, if you could get rid of them with pills earlier, now the use of medicines is highly undesirable. Fight with a headache can only be by relaxing: lie down on the bed, close your eyes and think about something good, take your mind off. In addition, significant help will be provided by contrast compresses. For this procedure, you should pour hot water in one bowl, and in the second - cool, wet one by one in each towel and then apply it to the forehead. The session should last about 15 minutes, after which it is advisable simply to lie down with your eyes closed.

But the pain in the abdomen or in the lumbar region of a woman should not be alarmed by the third month of pregnancy. In case of intermittent or persistent pain in the lower abdomen and / or lower back, consult a doctor. After all, such symptoms are often associated with an increased tone of the uterus and the threat of pregnancy disruption.

Excretions in the third month of pregnancy

It is possible that the discharge in the third month will increase somewhat, they can normally have a light or slightly whitish hue, do not differ in unpleasant odor and not be accompanied by uncomfortable sensations .

But the changes in odor, the appearance of curdled or foamy excretions, secretions of yellow, green or gray, which, moreover, are accompanied by itching and burning, require immediate examination by a doctor. This symptomatic almost unambiguously indicates the attachment of an infection that is dangerous for the child and very worsening the quality of life of a woman. After diagnosis, an infectious disease, whatever it is, should be treated, otherwise the risk of infection to the fetus is high.

All the more, you should apply for qualified help in case of bloody discharge. If they are all accompanied by pain or a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, pain in the lumbar region or the sacrum, the count can go on for a few seconds - such signs indicate a high risk of spontaneous abortion.

Analyzes and examinations in the third month of pregnancy

As a rule, it is the third month when the pregnant woman is registered: at the first examination, a new medical card will be inserted, into which all the results of tests and regular examinations will be added in the future. And already now the list of these very analyzes and examinations is quite impressive: doctors need to be sure that the pregnancy proceeds according to the testimonies, the baby in the tummy of the mother is in perfect order, no diseases and conditions threatening pregnancy are present. And if all the same some problems in the body are observed, tests and examinations in the third month of pregnancy will give an opportunity to determine specialists with a further plan of action.

When registering for a woman will be measured height, weight and blood pressure. It is also necessary to inspect the chair, during which the doctor will take a gynecological smear (to identify possible sexual infections) and a cytological smear (which determines the features of the structure of the surface and cervical canal cells). In addition, with a manual examination, the gynecologist determines the peculiarities of the structure of the internal genital organs, determines whether the size of the uterus corresponds to the term of pregnancy.

Now it is necessary to pass also the clinical analysis of blood and the general analysis of urine. A blood test for HIV and ToRCH infections (toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, rubella, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, and others) are also indicated, which threaten the fetus with abnormalities and developmental abnormalities. It is recommended that the pregnant woman also undergo a biochemical blood test, which allows to evaluate the work of many internal organs, as well as an analysis of blood coagulability.

Do not interfere with the consultation with the therapist, oculist, dentist, endocrinologist, otolaryngologist, electrocardiogram session. At the end of the third month of pregnancy, for 11-12 weeks, there is also the first planned ultrasound, during which the expert will determine the duration of pregnancy and the estimated date of delivery, exclude the possibility of multiple pregnancies, assess the risk of genetic abnormalities and malformations the kid.

Nutrition in the third month of pregnancy

Rational and balanced nutrition during pregnancy is given a special role, it is necessary to monitor nutrition in the third month of pregnancy. In this period it is recommended that everyone also adhere to the principles of healthy eating, keeping track of the quality of food and the amount of calories consumed, because the need for energy value from the 3rd month of pregnancy is even greater.

Food is preferably in a warm, but not hot form, eating a fraction 5-6 times a day. The diet should be high protein, including the inclusion of easily digestible proteins - boiled chicken, low-fat veal, rabbit. To get calcium, you need milk, cottage cheese and dairy products in sufficient quantities. Vegetables and fruits (caution should be observed with potatoes and citrus fruits) will provide the body with fiber, vitamins and microelements. Cereals and cereals are long-digestible complex carbohydrates.

One of the delicate problems of this period, faced by pregnant women, is increased gas formation and constipation. Now the uterus is actively growing and, as it increases, squeezes the intestines. Plus, everything, under the influence of progesterone, the musculature of the colon is relaxed, which causes a delay in food in the intestine. So, you should revise the diet in such a way as to ensure a normal intestinal peristalsis. It is recommended to exclude from the diet products that can cause increased gas formation (legumes, cabbage, fatty and sweet foods), eat fresh fruits and vegetables in large quantities, prunes will provide a good help in the fight against constipation. It is believed that avoiding constipation helps kefir, drunk at night, and in the afternoon - a glass of water, drunk small sips on an empty stomach.

In general, water consumption should be limited to 1, 5 liters, strict restrictions apply to salt - in order to avoid fluid retention in the body and possible development of edema a day, it is better not to consume more than 3-4 g of salt. Limit the recommended and the number of animal fats (but do not exclude altogether, because they are necessary for the normal formation and development of the nervous and reproductive system of the fetus).

But what is categorically desirable to remove from the table - so it's smoked, fried and fatty foods, confectionery products (especially cream cakes), fish and canned meat, semi-finished products.

Sex in the third month of pregnancy

If there are no contraindications voiced by the doctor (for example, miscarriage or increased uterine tone), sex in the third month of pregnancy can very well be. Moreover, the symptoms and troubles of toxicosis gradually pass, giving way to the "reviving" sexual activity of women.

You should not worry, that during physical closeness it is possible to do some harm to the kid, if there is no risk of miscarriage and pregnancy proceeds without deviations, the sexual life will not affect the baby growing up in the tummy. But that caress and tenderness to neglect during sexual intercourse should not be - it is desirable to avoid sudden movements and excessive activity.

In general, sex is allowed, the main thing at the same time for future parents is to listen to each other, do only what is uniquely pleasing to both and comprehend the new delights of intimacy in anticipation of a common baby.

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