The second pregnancy

Features of the second pregnancy - what you need to know and what to prepare for?

Childbirth or abortion?

The first child requires a lot of care, and sometimes it happens that a woman forgets or is not attentive to contraception. There comes the second, not planned pregnancy. She is very dangerous in terms of the health of a woman, because the body has not fully recovered after the first birth. He can not withstand such a load, and the child will be born weak or prematurely. In the case of the onset of a second unplanned pregnancy, you need to make a decision with your husband and gynecologist about the advisability of having a second child, about the risks and benefits of this pregnancy. After all, both childbirth and abortion are equally risky. There is no unanimous opinion and no solution in this matter. And whatever decision you make, you should not blame yourself.

Planning a second pregnancy

Whatever births a woman has, the child should be coveted, not accidental. The appearance of the second child should also be joyful for the whole family. But when exactly is the period favorable for this? The opinions of doctors, scientists and psychologists vary significantly. What can we say about the disputes of the parents themselves? In the matter of pregnancy planning, you need to consider the following aspects: are you ready for the appearance of a second child, whether you want to sacrifice your career, whether someone will help you. Please note that the basis for your readiness for the second pregnancy should be good health. The second baby will also need to be breastfed, and this requires a reserve of physical and moral "strength."

The optimal period of rest from the first pregnancy and delivery is 3 years. He is favorable from the point of view of physiology. If this is a shorter period, the following should be considered. 90% of women even a year after childbirth have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. During this period, the problems of a woman with heart and blood vessels become more frequent. This can greatly complicate pregnancy and lead to the birth of a weak child. Doctors say that with a small temporary gap between pregnancies, in addition to the threat of miscarriage, a woman is often prone to a "bouquet" of other problems. Such a woman may be threatened by a weak labor activity, rapid childbirth, ruptures, bleeding.

The interval between births for more than 5 years, doctors also do not advise. After all, by the age of many chronic diseases, hormonal disorders, decreased immunity, fatigue. The difference in labor for more than 10 years, for example, is fraught with the threat of termination of pregnancy, mild labor and complications during childbirth itself. In addition, the risk of having children with chromosomal pathology will increase.

Getting ready for a couple

If you are planning a second pregnancy, then, first of all, you need to check the health of mom and dad. To do this, go to the therapist and give general tests, tests for the absence of infections. The daddy needs to visit or attend the urologist and to hand over spermogrammu, to verify the activity of spermatozoa. Mom should consult a gynecologist. When there are violations of the hormonal background, they need to be adjusted. Probably, the gynecologist will advise you and additional examinations: ultrasound of the pelvic organs, blood delivery to the hormonal profile.

When planning pregnancy, it is important to give up bad habits, change the way of life to a more active and healthy one. And one of their main common tasks is to prepare the baby for the appearance in the family of a brother or sister. Let him touch his mother's belly, help to make purchases for the second child, knows that he should help his mother take care of his brother or sister.

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