The second ultrasound in pregnancy

When to do a second ultrasound during pregnancy?
  1. Expressed congenital abnormalities in development. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the most informative in this regard is ultrasound. With his help, the doctor determines the size of the fetus, all its organs and systems. Thus, you can consider all possible problems in development. In the first trimester of pregnancy, this can not be done, because the child is still too small, and on the later lines to see everything can interfere with the placenta, especially if it is located on the front wall of the uterus. If during the ultrasound the doctor will notice any deviations, then you will need to go through a consultation with a geneticist who will calculate possible risks.
  2. The state of the placenta. The placenta helps the future baby to receive vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for normal growth. Therefore, it is so important at this stage of development to study its condition. An experienced doctor will not only estimate its size, but also carefully look, there are no growths in the form of cysts or calcium deposits - calcifications. All this in the future may hinder the work of such an important body.
  3. Presence of water scarcity or polyhydramnios. During pregnancy, the importance of the condition of amniotic fluid. On the second ultrasound, the amount of water is already quite clearly visible. If there are many or few, pregnancy is most likely to be difficult, and more research is needed. If everything is in order, then the amount of amniotic fluid is estimated as "normal".
  4. The size of the baby. This also applies to developmental abnormalities. Measuring with the help of your child's ultrasound, the doctor compares the results of the previous study and calculates the growth rate.
  5. The sex of the child. On the second ultrasound, mostly future parents come together, because at this stage you can consider the sex of the child. However, that you will be told by a boy or a girl with 100% probability, because a baby can be in such a situation that it will be impossible to see it.

Sometimes a second ultrasound doctor can prescribe before 20 weeks of pregnancy. This can happen if the level of hormones in the AFP, hCG and estriol tests deviates from the norm. Also the second ultrasound is a little earlier women who are older than 35 years old.

Carrying out ultrasound and all the results are very important for the development of the child. Some timely diagnosed pathologies can even be cured before the birth of the baby. Also, ultrasound gives a complete picture of the child's development for doctors. Every year the procedure is improved, and there are no prerequisites to be afraid of it.

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