Thrush in pregnant women

Thrush in pregnant women - prevention, diagnosis, treatment

Unfortunately, most women are not serious about thrush, and in vain. This disease is dangerous for any woman, especially for a pregnant woman, for which she carries at once two dangers: both for herself and for the fetus, to which she can be transmitted not only during childbirth but also in utero, provoking deviations in development his organs. Also, the fungus that provoked thrush, in newborns can cause very serious damage to the lungs, mucous membranes and skin. Such diseases are called mycosis and represent a big danger for babies.

If a woman suffered from thrush before pregnancy, you can be sure that it appears even during this period, which will contribute to several factors - a change in the hormonal background and suppression of immunity.

An important role in pregnancy is the dysbacteriosis of the intestine. Thrush also in some way can be considered a dysbacteriosis of the vagina. The digestive tract and genital organs are closely interrelated and abnormalities in their flora occur always simultaneously, therefore it is necessary to treat at the same time the dysbacteriosis of the intestine and thrush in pregnant women.

Thrush in pregnant women is "prone" to relapse (resumption) and is characterized by high resistance to treatment, which is explained by the limited choice of medications, the use of which is acceptable in pregnancy. "Classic" manifestations of thrush are: light curdled discharge, itching and discomfort, which intensify at night, as well as after washing of the genitals and a characteristic sour smell. To provoke its appearance can not only violate the rules of personal hygiene, but also the abuse of flour or sweet foods.

Thrush in pregnant women often has an atypical (blurred) character, in which one or more of the symptoms listed above may be absent. Thrush often becomes chronic. Thrush in pregnant women can "go hand in hand" with other infectious diseases of the genitals, which may not manifest themselves, but pose a significant threat to the health of the child. So, discomfort in the genitals and discharge from them can be altogether messengers not of thrush, but of diseases such as chlamydia. At the initial stage the thrush can be called harmless for the future mother and if you carry out its timely treatment, the woman will leave unpleasant sensations and their possible consequences. The neglected form of the disease can provoke infection of the fetus.

Reasons for the appearance of thrush in pregnant women

The most common cause of thrush in pregnant women is the "restructuring" of the body. But there are other factors that can provoke its appearance in future mothers, namely:

  • synthetic, tight underwear;
  • taking antibiotics;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract) and the genitourinary system;
  • excessive consumption of flour and sweet;
  • gross sexual contacts, which result in injuries to the walls of the vagina.

Symptoms and treatment of thrush in pregnant women

The main symptom of thrush in pregnant women is an unbearable itch, which is often accompanied by curdled discharge from the vagina and burning.

Future mothers are often concerned with the question "how can you cure thrush, if during pregnancy, many candles and pills are contraindicated?" You can not diagnose this disease yourself and even more so self-medicate - be sure to show your doctor.

Treatment of thrush in pregnant women is done only with the use of safe medications, to which the candles "Pimafucin" primarily belong. Perhaps the appointment of a doctor and less safe, but more effective candles "Clotrimazole", through which you can get rid of the ailment for 6 days. Known and folk remedies in the fight against thrush in pregnant women, the most popular among them is syringing decoction of oak bark and baking soda solution. But do not do this, because douching during pregnancy is extremely dangerous and can cause a threat of miscarriage. Do everything only after consultation with your doctor.

Pregnancy is a responsible, important and exciting period in the life of a future mother, therefore, it is at this time that you need to take full responsibility for your own health. Forget about bad habits, make a healthy diet, avoid stressful situations, stay out in the fresh air and then you and your child can avoid many unpleasant diseases.

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