Thrush symptom of pregnancy

can thrush be the first sign of pregnancy?

In modern medicine, of course, this method is not used. However, women in the position of the following information will be very useful, because for nine months they are responsible not only for their health, but also for the health of the little man at their heart. Therefore, one should know whether the smell of urine is changing. If so, what are the reasons for its change.

How does pregnancy affect the smell of urine?

Probably, all women in the situation are familiar with the situation when every day of pregnancy frequent visits to the toilet. That is why future mothers, who also have an acute sense of smell during this period, begin to notice involuntarily any changes in the smell of urine. Their observations boil down to the fact that urine can have a somewhat unconventional flavor, especially in the early stages of bearing a baby.

Ideally, urine does not have a pungent odor: it is either absent or has a slightly expressed ammonia flavor. The same applies to the period of pregnancy - with its normal flow, there should be no deviations from the norm.

But in some cases during the period of bearing the baby the smell of the liquid can change. For example, under the influence of hormonal changes, occurring in the body of a future mother. Also, a pronounced flavor can be a consequence of a woman's insufficient intake of fluids. In this case, the volume of urine decreases, and the smell becomes more concentrated.

All of the above reasons should not cause concern, since they are not a sign of pathology. Just future mothers need to comply with the drinking regime (at least 1, 5 liters of fluid per day), and all processes are normalized.

The smell of urine during pregnancy: pathological causes

Many women during pregnancy face such a phenomenon as toxicosis. It turns out that this condition can also cause an unpleasant smell of urine, but only if vomiting reaches 8 times and more throughout the day. Such processes lead to the fact, that in the body of a future mother the metabolism is violated, as a result of which the accumulation of acetoacetic acid and acetone takes place. It is these substances that give the biological fluid an unpleasant odor. In this case, the pregnant woman significantly worsens overall health, there are pressure changes and weight loss. All these symptoms, including the smell of urine, indicate the changes that have begun in the female body.

The aforementioned ketone substances can appear in the urine due to the development of diabetes mellitus, while women will smell the rotten apples. This sign is a serious signal, since such a fragrance is inherent in the stage of decompensation, when the risk of many complications increases, whereas in the development of any other disease urine will have a sweetish flavor due to glucose, which is contained in the liquid.

Those mothers who are tormented by starvation or a carbohydrate diet, so as not to get better, there can also be a smell of acetone.

In the presence of an increased number of leukocytes, purulent masses and pathogenic microorganisms, urine will have a pronounced ammoniaaroma and cloudy color. Such characteristics are inherent in inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, when the secretions get into the urine, resulting in an unpleasant smell in the liquid. The same symptoms are also present with inflammation of the urinary tract: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, etc.

Other causes

It turns out that an uncharacteristic smell of urine can cause some food. First on the list you can put spicy dishes, which include onions, garlic, horseradish, as well as asparagus. The fact is that the listed ingredients contain sulfur compounds, which give the urine a fetid smell.

Such pharmaceuticals, like antibiotics or vitamins, can also change the smell of a biological fluid.

In any case, Having discovered this kind of change, a woman should visit a doctor. Additional studies will help determine the cause and take (if necessary) appropriate medical measures to eliminate it.

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