Treatment of headache during pregnancy

Treatment and prevention of headache during pregnancy

What would you have done before if you felt a headache? In most cases, we resort to the fastest way to eliminate it - to a pill. But now such a convenient method is not available to you, because most drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy, especially spasmolytics and other helpers.

Do not despair. There are many other ways to calm the headache, effective and safe in pregnancy. Try some of them to find the most effective for yourself.

Depending on where and how your head hurts, you can apply different methods to combat pain. If you know about the temporal part of the head (for example, as a result of overexertion), try applying a cold compress to your neck. The forehead hurts - cover the face with a towel soaked in warm water or apply a compress around the nose and eyes. Try to change compresses from cold to warm. In doing so, try to relax as much as possible - for this it is recommended to lie down in a darkened room. Breathe deeply, calmly, measuredly.

The pain of lack of oxygen will drive a walk in the fresh air. If you are tired, overexcited or just feel unwell, lie down and sleep - very often the headache after this recedes. If you have someone to give you a massage - definitely ask. Let the husband, sister, girlfriend gently massage your feet, the neck and shoulders. If the assistant is not around, use a massage from a headache that you can make yourself. To do this, feel the point between the thumb and forefinger of the hand, when you click on that you feel pain. These points in turn on both hands should be massaged on both sides of the palm for 1 minute. Probably, massage of temples will help you.

Essential oils can help to relax and calm the headache. From the headache recommended flavors of citrus, cardamom, Roman chamomile, mint. At a reduced pressure, choose verbena, orange, grapefruit oil, and with increased - lemon, lavender, ylang-ylang. Just remember about possible contraindications for pregnant women and an increased risk of allergic reactions - read the instructions and try carefully.

A warm, short-term shower will also help to relax and calm the headache. If it is necessary to narrow the vessels - take a cool shower. It is especially good after a shower to lie down to rest.

Some people are helped by tight bandaging of the head with a scarf or kerchief, even better - with the cabbage leaf attached.

With reduced pressure, sweet tea is good. And if the headache is caused by hunger, then you should have a snack. In general, it is better to eat often smallTo maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood.

If the headache bothers you regularly, analyze your daily diet. Perhaps it provokes certain products, including tea, coffee, chocolate, cheese, nuts, citrus. Fatty, fried and preservative-containing meals can also cause a headache - try not to eat them.

Drinking is not less important. Try to drink enough pure water. Helping the headache can help and herbal teas: from chamomile, mint, rose hips.

If the headache does not recede or comes back again and again, ask your doctor for help. This must be done if the headaches are accompanied by other symptoms.

But first, adjust your lifestyle: more walks in the fresh air, less stress, positive thoughts and cheerful mood, quality food and a balanced diet.

Try to exclude all factors that provoke a headache. Feel good!

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