Treatment of hemorrhoids after delivery during breastfeeding

Treatment of hemorrhoids after delivery during breastfeeding

Treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids during breastfeeding

When you go to see a proctologist or a surgeon who is breastfeeding a woman, you must inform the doctor about your lactation. Only this way he will be able to select the drugs and prescribe a treatment that will be effective for the mother and safe for the baby.

Medical therapy of postpartum hemorrhoids

As you know, blood vessels can change as before the anus, and beyond, directly in the rectum. Accordingly, the treatment of the disease depends on the localization of pathology. Light and uncomplicated hemorrhoids can be treated with the following means:

  • ointments;
  • candles.

Ointments are more convenient to use with external nodes, and candles will be more effective with the internal form of the disease.

With postnatal hemorrhoids during lactation, troxevasin and heparin ointments, Relief ointment, and Vishnevsky liniment are popular and effective. Active components of the first two drugs are anticoagulants - substances that contribute to the liquefaction of blood and blood clots. Ointments perfectly relieve swelling, strengthen the vessels and reduce the nodes. Medication The Relief is made from shark liver oil, which has a powerful anti-inflammatory and restoring property. Balsamic liniment Vishnevsky removes swelling and redness, quenches pain and promotes the healing of microcracks.

Among the antihemorrhoidal suppositories permitted during breastfeeding, the following are effective:

  • Relief;
  • Procto-Glivenol;
  • Natalsid;
  • Anestezol;
  • suppositories with propolis, calendula and sea-buckthorn oil.

The active ingredients that are included in the candle make it possible to improve blood circulation, they disinfect and heal the damage. With the course, an anti-inflammatory, decongestant and analgesic effect.

It is important to remember that the above drugs are effective at the initial stage of hemorrhoids, and with an aggravated disease they are able to give only a short-term effect.

Minimally invasive operations in the treatment of hemorrhoids

When breastfeeding in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids, you can use such methods:

  • cryotherapy;
  • desarterization;
  • Ligation of hemorrhoids using latex rings;
  • Laser or infrared coagulation.

All these manipulations are effective and completely safe, they have no effect on the quality and quantity of breast milk, so they can be done during breastfeeding. In cryotherapy, the nodes are affected by a low temperature with the help of a cryoprobe, as a result of which both internal and external formations are destroyed. Desarterization involves bandaging the hemorrhoidal arteries. The method is painless and is performed under the control of the ultrasound machine. When ligation of the hemorrhoids, the cones are tightened with a special latex ligature, which stops the supply of cavernous corpuscles with blood and eventually they are rejected. Using infrared or laser radiation, you can also get rid of an unpleasant disease. Irradiated knots are cauterized and eventually die off. The method is painless and allows you to quickly fix the situation.

What to do with postpartum hemorrhoids, and what cautions to adhere to

If you have symptoms of this disease, you need to see a doctor and begin treatment. But if the visit to the doctor has to be postponed a little, it is better to adhere to the following warnings. They will also be effective for prevention, even after treatment of the disease:

  1. Revise your diet, prevent the appearance of constipation. Give preference to foods rich in fiber, as well as sour milk and low-fat meat. But it's better not to get carried away with sweet, floury, sharp and fatty dishes.
  2. Drink enough water - about 2 liters per day.
  3. Move more to prevent weight gain, exercise, walk in the fresh air.
  4. Wear loose-fitting underwear made of natural air-permeable fabrics.
  5. Sleep on your side.
  6. After emptying the bowels, it is better to wash yourself with cold water, a solution of potassium permanganate or decoctions of herbs and herbs: yarrow, oak, sage, chamomile, etc.
  7. Apply to the knots gruel from grated beets or lubricate them with sea buckthorn oil.

Let motherhood bring you only joy, and no disease will overshadow it!

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