Treatment of preeclampsia of the second half pregnancy

Treatment and prevention of gestosis in the second half of pregnancy

Gestosis (it is often called late toxicosis, and more serious "stages" - eclampsia) is a disease of a pregnant woman that occurs in the second half of pregnancy, most often after 22 weeks. This complication with untimely or incorrect treatment can adversely affect the health of the future baby, and even the woman in childbirth. Symptoms of gestosis are often hidden and women pay little attention to them. This includes overweight, protein in the urine, high blood pressure, swelling of the hands, feet, face and even the placenta (in the latter case, swelling causes oxygen deficiency in the fetus).

If a woman ignores these manifestations, she is threatened with more serious complications. In addition to these symptoms, headaches, nausea, vomiting, visual impairment, changes in the psychic sphere, and even seizures that can cause intracranial hemorrhage - a stroke, appear. It is also likely (extremely dangerous!) Detachment of the placenta, which is the cause of death of the fetus.

Gestosis for a long time can be completely asymptomatic, and can in a matter of days cause a huge harm to the health of the future mother and her baby. That is why doctors strongly recommend that all necessary examinations be conducted in order to reveal the pathology as early as possible and begin treatment.

Treat necessarily, but not yourself

Because the consequences of gestosis are so often deplorable, you need to immediately start treatment, but not by any means independent. But how often does it happen? The hands and feet swelled in the pregnant woman, and the "experienced" people strongly recommend drinking a diuretic, which the frightened future mother quickly agrees with and faces new problems. Yes, diuretics are used to treat gestosis, but only strictly according to the doctor's prescription and with a confirmed diagnosis. Gestosis is manifested by complex symptoms (edema, increased blood pressure, protein in the urine) and is treated in a complex, eliminating each symptom separately, thus leading the organism into normal activity.

First of all, when treating gestosis in the second half of pregnancy, you should follow a diet and limit the intake of liquid and salt. The diet should be enriched with proteins and vitamins.

With a more severe course of gestosis, a number of medications are prescribed, which will lower blood pressure, improve blood flow. Prescribe at gestosis also sedative and diuretic drugs.

But in the most dangerous course of gestosis, much attention is paid to the prevention (or elimination) of placental insufficiency. If all the "manipulations" of the doctors do not produce the expected result, then the gestosis is resolved by a single route - birth, most often by a cesarean section.

We deliberately do not submit an extended treatment regimen for gestosis in the second half of pregnancy just to prevent future mums from self-medication. After all, this pathology is very dangerous, and with incorrect treatment, fatal consequences are possible. Of course, many may object that it is even more dangerous to expose themselves to treatment by modern specialists who are not always true professionals, they say, that's why it is better to reckon with the experience of "experienced" and on their example to treat gestosis. However, among the doctors there are real professionals who know their business and can help a pregnant woman in a difficult moment, having provided high-quality medical care.

Prevention is the best treatment for preeclampsia

But what should be reminded once again is that any disease is best prevented, rather than treat. Preventing gestosis is the main task of pregnant women, especially since it is not so difficult to do it.

  • Give up sweets, spices, smoked foods. Salty, fried, floury also exclude. Focus on vegetable salads, a variety of cereals.
  • Drink no more than 1 - 1, 2 liters of liquid per day (soups and compotes are also a liquid!).
  • Arrange unloading days.
  • An active lifestyle is the main condition for mild pregnancy. Walk more in the fresh air, do gymnastics, sleep 8-9 hours a day.
  • For the prevention of edema, take a decoction of dogrose, bearberry, cranberry mors. Sometimes doctors can prescribe herbal medicines (especially if you are at risk): Cystone, Kanefron, Cystenal. To drugs that prevent gestosis of the second half of pregnancy include also drugs of magnesium, vitamin E, lipoic acid, Curantil, Hofitol.
  • Do not forget to keep track of your weight, regularly measure blood pressure, take blood and urine tests, do ultrasound at the required time.

Easy pregnancy for you and no gestosis!

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