Treatment of urticaria during pregnancy

How to get rid of hives during pregnancy? *** ** How to get rid of hives during pregnancy? *** ** How to get rid of hives during pregnancy?

Under such a regime, any factor can provoke hives, beginning with the immune relationship between the mother and the unborn child, ending with an elevated level of estrogen in the pregnant woman's blood. Such processes negatively affect the skin of a woman, which results in blisters appearing on them that visually resemble a burn from a nettle known to all (hence the name of the disease), even if the patient had not had any allergies before.

Urticaria treatment during pregnancy

Treatment of urticaria, as well as of many other diseases, during pregnancy is difficult to carry out, since almost all medicines that are intended for cupping symptoms of this disease, are contraindicated during pregnancy, and any independent actions can have the most unpredictable consequences. Therefore, at the first signs of skin disease it is necessary to consult a doctor who, on the basis of laboratory results, can establish the course of the illness and appoint a competent and, importantly, safe therapy for the pregnant woman and her baby.

First, it is important to eliminate contact with the allergen, which was the cause of urticaria. If the irritant can not be precisely set, then it is necessary to exclude contact with all known allergens: strictly observe hypoallergenic nutrition, do not use household chemicals and cosmetics, stop contact with pets, etc.

In addition, not everyone knows the fact that with urticaria not only the skin of a woman suffers, but also internal organs, because they are affected by substances produced by the immune system in response to the stimulus. To remove toxins and strengthen the immune system, the doctor prescribes the following medicines:

  • enterosorbents to cleanse the body of harmful substances;
  • hepatoprotectors designed to maintain the liver;
  • vitamin complexes to enhance immunity;
  • Preparations for the normalization of the digestive process.

The main signs of the disease are itching and burning. In most cases, these symptoms are so severe that they lead to loss of appetite and sleep disturbance. To reduce symptoms, the doctor prescribes special preparations (gels, ointments or creams) for topical application, which have a safe effect on the growing in the womb of the child's mother.

The mild form of the disease is not dangerous for the pregnant woman and her crumbs, but only on condition of timely treatment. However, with a severe form of the disease can be used ointments based on hormones or even injection therapy with glucocorticosteroid drugs, so it is very important to diagnose hives at the initial stage of development.

In addition, with hives can swelling Quincke, which is considered the most dangerous complication of the skin disease. In this case, there is swelling of the mucous membranes and hypodermis. Therefore, when these signs appear, you should urgently seek medical help.

Treatment of urticaria during the carrying of the baby folk remedies

As you know, traditional medicine is safer during pregnancy than traditional medicine. Moreover, such a disease as hives, arose even in those times when there were no so effective and at the same time safe for the fruit of medicines, as in our days. Therefore, natural remedies for the skin disease had time to pass the test for years.

For example, perfectly cope with the symptoms of skin disease baths with herbal decoctions. Excellent solution is found on the basis of nettle, string, chamomile (but only in the absence of a future mother's allergic reaction to the above plant components). Healing decoction effectively removes itching and burning, as well as irritation of the skin.

To eliminate the anxiety and irritation that often occur during illness, you can use tincture based on peppermint. Soothing medicine can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared by yourself: pour 50 grams of chopped plant with boiling water (0, 5 l) and leave for an hour to infuse. Drink should be taken three times a day.

Prevention of urticaria during pregnancy: diet food

To prevent the appearance of urticaria, a woman in the period of gestation should be responsible for the selection of nutritious foods. First, you need to exclude from the diet preservatives and products containing dyes and harmful substances, it is also important to give up food that has an increased level of allergenicity. The list of such products includes:

  • fruits: citrus, strawberry, persimmon;
  • vegetables of red and yellow color (beets, tomatoes);
  • eggs;
  • Pork and chicken meat;
  • shop meat products or sausages;
  • nuts;
  • mussels, shrimp, squid, etc.;
  • conservation;
  • milk;
  • sweets: honey, chocolates, flour products;
  • Soda.

To prevent any allergic manifestations during pregnancy, a woman should also refuse non-seasonal fruit and vegetable products and fast food (fast foods, convenience foods).

However, with such a large list of food "taboos" a woman should still receive a sufficient number of useful vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, when hypoallergenic nutrition experts recommend eating the following foods:

  • fruits (pears, green apples, plums);
  • all vegetables (except for banned);
  • greens (dill, parsley, green onions);
  • cereals;
  • Beef and rabbit meat;
  • of fermented milk products is recommended: curdled milk, cottage cheese (preferably low-fat), kefir;
  • Soft tea (black and green).

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