Ultrasound at 12 weeks of gestation

Ultrasound at the 12th week of pregnancy - how and for what is carried out, decoding and norms

Usually, ultrasound at 12 weeks gestation confirms a progressive pregnancy and clarifies the timing. The doctor-uzist, basing on the information on the date of the last monthly and taking into account the parameters of the baby, can already determine the expected date of delivery. The age of the baby during this period can be set with an accuracy of 2-3 days. Later, he more actively gaining weight and the error can be up to a week. At week 12, with the help of an ultrasound device, the size of the collar zone is determined (the so-called soft tissues in the neck region in the occipital part). The study of the collar zone allows eliminating chromosomal diseases. It is very important to do this ultrasound not later than 12 weeks, because after 14 days the developmental fetuses and markers of chromosomal pathology can no longer be detected. And they allow you to suspect severe diseases, including Down's syndrome.

Also, the doctor needs to determine the place where the placenta was attached, the amount and quality of the amniotic fluid. During the ultrasound at the 12th week of pregnancy, a specialist will assess the condition of the uterus, as well as determine its tone. Now the size of the uterus has increased and is 10 cm in width. She was already up a little. If there is any problem, for example, hypertension of the uterus, placental abruption, isthmic-cervical insufficiency, ultrasound at 12 weeks will show it.

All the results that the doctor will receive are compared with the standard tables. If the indicators do not go beyond the limits of the norm, then the pregnancy is normal. Subsequent ultrasound will be compared with the results of ultrasound, conducted at 12 weeks. This will allow you to monitor the course of pregnancy and respond to any deviations in time.

The ultrasound is performed in such a way, that behind everything that is happening on the screen can be observed and the future mother, and the person who came with her, whether it's husband, mother or girlfriend. Now in the offices of ultrasound diagnosis on the wall, which is located opposite the person lying on the couch of a woman, is a screen. This allows you to observe absolutely everything that the doctor sees and does, which comments on what he saw. In fact, this is the first meeting of my mother and baby. And although it's very difficult to make out what is visible on ultrasound of the twelfth week, the unborn eye is very difficult, women are worried about this moment with excitement. They are happy that they see a moving picture and hear from a specialist the words: "This is a heart, look how it beats. And this is the head. Here are the little pens. Are you fine". The doctor will tell you that during this period all the organs and systems of the baby are fully formed.

It is on this ultrasound that a pregnant woman learns that the weight of her crumbs is a maximum of 19 grams, and the body length is 9 centimeters. But, despite the small size, the brain of this tiny little man is already fully formed and is an exact copy of the brain of an adult. Also the fingers on the arms and legs were formed, which he can flex and unbend. Moreover, he already has tiny nails growing! The kid can already suck his finger. Some mothers are lucky to see such a miracle during ultrasound at 12 weeks gestation.

Someone will be able to see how the baby opens and closes his mouth, because the muscles of his mouth are already formed. Moreover, the child swallows amniotic fluid and even urinates in them. Experts advise not to worry about the fact that the baby swallows its own bowel movements. At first, because this is not the classic urine of an adult. And, secondly, the amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid) is updated almost 100% during each hour. Moreover, during an ultrasound examination, the mother can see how her baby swims in the amniotic fluid. His movements are still very chaotic, but they, however strange it may sound, contribute to the training of the muscular apparatus.

But the most interesting is that most mothers already at the 12th week will be able to find out who is under their heart: a boy or a girl. Yes, during this period of development the baby's genitals are already clearly formed, and a good ultrasound specialist will be able to answer the question of interest to every future parent. It happens that the child is located in such a way that immediately on the first ultrasound can not see his sex. Or sometimes the sex is mistaken. After all, the kid can close the genitals with a pen or bend the legs so that nothing is visible. Sometimes, especially if the doctor is not very experienced, the wrong definition of sex is due to the fact that the umbilical cord goes down and is taken for the boy's genitals, although in fact the woman is pregnant with the girl. Do not get upset if ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy has not shown the sex of the baby. It can be found out in the subsequent study. It is usually held at week 20.

Whom the woman would not wear under the heart - a boy or a girl - for her the most important thing is for the baby to develop well and well in time, be healthy and without complications born. Therefore, it is worth not neglecting the prescriptions of gynecologists, taking tests on time, go through all sorts of research, and then everything will be as good as possible.

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