Urinary incontinence after childbirth

Urinary incontinence after childbirth - causes, treatment, prevention

Almost half of the women giving birth through this phenomenon in their time passed. In some cases, it was eliminated by itself - as normal functions of the body. And in some cases, urinary incontinence after childbirth accompanies a woman who has become a mother for the entire length of time. And all this time, many of the women do not turn for help for various reasons: someone because they are "ashamed", and someone - hoping that everything will go by itself. However, counting on a miracle in this case is not necessary: ??if urinary incontinence after childbirth is caused by overstretch of the muscles and tissues of the pelvic floor, which occurs during intrauterine development of the baby, urinary incontinence will remain with the woman for life.

It is the stretching of the pelvic floor muscles and becomes the main cause of involuntary separation of urine. Besides, exacerbate this situation and actually childbirth, during which the baby passes through the birth canal, over-squeezing the soft tissues. As a result, the functions of the regulation of urination are violated, and the consequence is the inability of the woman to independently regulate urination. Significantly increase the risk of disorders of urination, traumatic births: with ruptures, incisions; also affects the situation and the number of births.

Urinary incontinence after childbirth can be of different types, but the most common is stress urinary incontinence: when urine separates with physical exertion, coughing and laughing, sneezing. Also, with stress urinary incontinence, involuntary separation can be observed during sexual intercourse, in prone position, frequent urge to urinate against the background of alcohol consumption. Despite, that urinary incontinence after childbirth to pathological conditions does not include a serious threat to either health or life, but here the quality of life can even worsen very much. And therefore it is better already at the first signs of urinary incontinence to you can quickly turn to a specialist (urologist or urogynecologist) - in the first stages this problem can be completely eliminated.

The doctor should be asked for help because the incontinence after the delivery can be a symptom of infection of the urinary tract. However, in this case, urinary incontinence is accompanied by other signs, among which are pain during urination, discharge of turbid urine or urine with an unpleasant odor, an increase in body temperature.

If nevertheless urinary incontinence after delivery was diagnosed as stressful, the doctor, depending on the complexity of the situation, will recommend the optimal treatment. First of all, preference is given to its conservative methods - special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Unfortunately, drug therapy for violation of urination of this kind does not lend itself, therefore it will be necessary to adjust it with regular special exercises. Sometimes, in parallel to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, electrostimulation or electromagnetic stimulation is used. If the result as a result of applying the exercises throughout the year is not observed, the doctor can advise the operation. The goal of surgical intervention in this case will be to create an additional basis for supporting the urethra.

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