Veroshpiron in the planning of pregnancy

Veroshpiron in the planning of pregnancy - instructions for use, contra-indications and reviews

Not surprisingly, many questions are connected with the drug Veroshpiron, which is sometimes prescribed to a woman when planning a pregnancy. After all, as indicated in the annotation to this remedy, during pregnancy and up to the lactation period, Veroshpiron is not allowed to be admitted. How then can he be appointed during the preparation for conception, will not the fetus be harmed if it enters the body in the first days of pregnancy that has not yet been reported by a woman yet? These questions naturally disturb any future mother who is interested in the normal course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.

Surprisingly another: with all the urgency of the question, whether it is justified to use Veroshpiron in planning pregnancy, clear and unambiguous answers to this question are almost impossible to obtain. Doctors do prescribe this drug to women who want to become mothers, but for a number of reasons this desire here and now is not able to fulfill. On the other hand, authoritative sources say that Veroshpiron should not be appointed when planning pregnancy, and it is quite possible to manage other drugs with similar properties, which certainly will not affect the development of the fetus. What is Veroshpiron, and what are his goals for planning pregnancy? Initially, Veroshpiron (internationally called Spironolactone, which acts as the main active substance of the drug) is a diuretic, a diuretic, used to treat various conditions caused by fluid stagnation in the body. Direct indications for the use of Veroshpiron are edema caused by cardiovascular insufficiency, cirrhosis of the liver and other conditions accompanied by ascites and edema, paroxysmal myoplegia (a rare hereditary disease characterized by attacks of muscle weakness as a result of a disturbance in the metabolism of electrolytes).

But, In addition, the drug also has the property of lowering the level of androgens (male hormones) in the body of a woman. And the raised level of androgens, as is known, quite often becomes that obstacle on the way to the desired pregnancy: attempts to conceive a baby do not have a positive result due to the absence of ovulation. And in this case - in the case of endocrine infertility - Veroshpiron can be appointed when planning pregnancy as a drug against hyperandrogenism.

At the same time, a number of doctors oppose the appointment of Veroshpiron in this capacity, motivating their rejection of the drug by the fact that in today's medicine it is possible to find a safer alternative. Another part of the specialists claims: there is no absolute contraindication to pregnancy in Veroshpiron; Moreover - in the history of the drug treatment there are no recorded reports that it led to the development of any birth defects in children. It is also mentioned that the babies, who for a time were exposed to the action of Veroshpiron against the background of the pregnancy, had no anomalies. And this, according to the doctors, is also a sufficient argument in favor of therapy with the drug Veroshpiron in the planning of pregnancy.

What is the need for the use of this or that drug even at the stages of pregnancy planning, and, especially - during the bearing of the baby - to decide the future mother. In extreme cases, a woman can always ask a doctor to find a substitute for a drug that causes her some anxiety. Better yet: to look for a doctor who in the future will be trusted by a woman unconditionally, in case of doubt - consult other specialists. And most importantly - to remember: a qualified physician always commensurate the benefit and risk of using any medication, and it is unlikely that he will prescribe any medication without extreme need.

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