Vitamins in pregnancy

Vitamins in pregnancy

What vitamins are needed during pregnancy

Say, vitamin A, which is found in carrots, butter, liver, cheese, eggs, apricots and dried apricots, rosehips, fish oil, is necessary for normal fetal growth. With his participation there is a formation of the placenta, organs and tissues of the baby, as well as the formation of red blood cells - red blood cells. Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy are vaginal dryness, a general decrease in immunity and an increased propensity to respiratory system diseases.

B vitamins are not less important in pregnancy, which in many respects cause the normal formation and development of the fetus, as well as ensure the normal health of the mother. So, vitamin B1 takes part in the development of the nervous system of the baby, its internal organs, provides energy to the muscular and neural tissues of the fetus. There is a lack of vitamin B1 in pregnant women with irritability, increased fatigue and weakness. Sources of this vitamin can serve liver and kidneys, milk, rye and wheat bread, yeast, egg yolk.

The functions of vitamin B2 in pregnancy are protection against anemia and the formation of blood cells. Deficiency of the vitamin can affect the manifestation of the baby's congenital anomalies and lead to premature birth. Contains vitamin B2 in the liver, meat, dairy products and actually milk, eggs.

Vitamin B6 is responsible for the protein metabolism between the mother and the fetus, ensures the development of important organs and systems of the baby, and for the mother becomes necessary to combat toxemia. You can extract vitamin B6 by eating bread from wholemeal bread, liver and meat, beans and buckwheat porridge.

Vitamin B9, the same folic acid, is an essential component for the normal course of pregnancy. Since this vitamin is vital for the baby, ensuring its normal growth and development, folic acid is attributed to vitamins, which are prescribed by all pregnant women for admission on a mandatory basis. Vitamin B9 is responsible for many processes occurring during the formation of the fetus: it takes part in the formation of the baby's brain, in its physical and mental development, in the synthesis of blood cells, in the development of the nervous and digestive systems. Lack of folic acid during pregnancy, and even shortly before its onset, can lead to the birth of a premature baby, to defects in its nervous system and other congenital abnormalities. In addition to the fact that folic acid is prescribed to pregnant women as part of vitamin complexes or preparations, it can be obtained from such products as buckwheat and oatmeal, soy, beans, liver, mushrooms, cottage cheese, cheese, millet, wholemeal. No less important for the normal course of pregnancy and the formation of the fetus is the sufficient intake of the vitamin E in the body of the mother. This vitamin strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system, protects against weakness, anemia and stress. And most importantly, vitamin E is essential for maintaining a pregnancy, since a lack of it can become a catalyst for premature interruption. Contains vitamin E mainly in vegetable oils; Also its sources can be liver, egg yolk, buckwheat and oatmeal, legumes.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid - is another very important element for maintaining pregnancy and strengthening the immune system element. Vitamin C is also necessary for normal assimilation of iron, and for the formation of the placenta. Plus, everything, ascorbic acid also takes part in the formation of bone and cartilaginous tissue of the fetus. Vitamin C deficiency is accompanied by a constant feeling of fatigue in the pregnant woman, and worse - can lead to toxicosis, premature termination of pregnancy, development of malformations in the fetus. You can get vitamin C by eating fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, currants, raspberries, cabbage, red peppers, tomatoes, parsley.

Normal formation of bone tissue and bone skeleton of the fetus ensures vitamin D. during pregnancy. It is also needed for the work of the cardiovascular system, and for the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus. The indicated amount of vitamin D becomes the main condition for preventing the development of rickets in a newborn. And in pregnant women, the deficiency of this vitamin affects the increased nervous excitability, tooth decay, cramps in the legs. In food, vitamin D, if present, is in very small quantities; It is formed in the body, first of all, under the influence of sunlight.

How to drink vitamins during pregnancy

Particularly important enough vitamins become in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the laying and formation of the main organs and systems of the body baby. So, pregnant women need not only responsibly approach the issue of the ration during the bearing of the baby, but, if necessary, after the appropriate consultation with the doctor, decide on the appropriateness of taking multivitamin complexes. After all, many of the vitamins in pregnancy become one of the main conditions for the normal course of pregnancy, satisfactory state of health of the future mother and the health of the baby.

The need for various vitamin substances during pregnancy does not always remain the same. So, in the first trimester the body of the future mother needs more folic acid and zinc, in the second trimester, the need for iron and vitamin C increases. Therefore, it is impossible to take any medications on your own: the choice of vitamins, the way of taking and dosage should always be coordinated with the presenter by the doctor.

There is a group of vitamins, the reception of which is prescribed to all pregnant women on a mandatory basis already from the moment of registration. To such concerns first of all folic acid. As a rule, it is prescribed as a mono drug.

But if you take a multivitamin complex, it should always take into account the content of a vitamin in it if it is prescribed for additional intake. Otherwise, supersaturation of the organism with certain substances is possible, which carries in itself no less danger than their deficiency.

Overdosage of vitamins during pregnancy

Today, there are a large number of various multivitamin complexes recommended for use during pregnancy. But it should be borne in mind that vitamins during pregnancy can not only not benefit, but also serve as a bad service if taken in excess.

For example, vitamin A in excessive amounts is able to cause malformations in the fetus, heart, nervous system, kidneys, disorders in the development of genital organs and extremities. In pregnant women, excess vitamin A can cause nausea, weakness, fatigue, headaches, blood pressure jumps and even irregularities in the blood coagulation system.

The cause of allergic manifestations and neurological disorders can be the intake of elevated doses of vitamin B1 into the body. Negatively, the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems is affected by an excessive amount of vitamin B2. Enthusiasm for vitamin C can lead to the opposite effect - the suppression of the immune defense of the body instead of its stimulation. The same goes for vitamin D: instead of helping to enrich the bones with calcium in excessive amounts, it leads to its leaching. An excess of vitamin C during pregnancy is dangerous, among other things, by liquefying the blood and increasing the risk of developing bleeding in childbirth. It is also worse on the background of the abundance of this vitamin, glucose is absorbed and anemia is more likely to develop.

High doses of vitamin E are also dangerous: all vital systems and organs are affected, which leads to a sharp deterioration in well-being.

Scientists believe that hypervitaminosis in pregnancy is a risk factor for the development of late gestosis, and in particular such a dangerous condition as pre-eclampsia. However, there is an overabundance of vitamin substances is not so often.

In any case, the necessary standard, as well as the scheme for taking vitamins during pregnancy, is determined by the doctor, with whom one should consult without fail.

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