Weight loss during pregnancy

Weight loss during pregnancy

Of course, these data are averaged and can vary greatly depending on your individual characteristics and a number of other factors. But what is very different from the rate of weight gain during pregnancy should attract attention. However, even here everything is ambiguous.

Probably, most pregnant women are going through, so as not to gain extra pounds, and that's right. But a woman with surprise may find that she not only does not recover, but on the contrary - grows thin! How can this be and should be thought about if weight loss occurs during pregnancy?

When talking about the norms of weight gain during pregnancy, then basically the emphasis is on getting beyond the upper limit. To avoid possible complications and it is easier to return to the form after childbirth, it is necessary to control your increase and not allow excess weight. However, what for one woman can be too, for another - just right. And for some reason, little is said about the fact that it can normally recruit much less declared in the table, or not type at all, or more - lose weight during pregnancy.

Doctors say that weight loss during pregnancy on average to 20 weeks is the absolute norm and is observed in many women. However, there is a difference in how much, how quickly and why the future mother loses.

Weight loss during pregnancy in the first trimester is usually due to toxicosis - a common phenomenon. A woman is sick, there may be vomiting, decreased appetite, increased salivation - all this does not promote weight gain, but vice versa. But after the disappearance of toxicosis, the future mother, as a rule, comes back to normal and begins to recover. It happens that a woman practically does not gain weight during the entire pregnancy, and in recent weeks is starting to add very rapidly. Undoubtedly, ideally the weight should increase gradually, without sudden jumps. However, we are all very different, and during pregnancy the organism generally becomes uncontrollable and unpredictable and has the right to a variety of antics.

Do not exhaust yourself if you notice that you have lost some weight: nerves will only accelerate this process. It is better to weigh at least once a week and keep a diary where you will record all the weight and your diet for each day. Even if you are very sick and you can not or do not want to eat, try to ensure that the necessary substances enter the body, at least in the minimum amount. Have a bite of fruit or cottage cheese, and not buns, it is better to eat a small piece of boiled meat than 3 sausages. By the way, on the quality of food depends more than on its quantity, so eat little, but useful.

You can not starve in any case. And if you can not eat or all that is eaten immediately returns, you'll have to go to the hospital to treat toxemia. Of great importance is also the sleep and rest regime, the state of the nervous system of the future mother.

You should know that losing weight during pregnancy on a later date is also the norm and in a sense even one of the earliest birth precursors. During this period, the body undergoes numerous changes aimed at preparing for childbirth. And against their background, a woman's appetite and weight may decrease.

Start looking for the cause of weight loss during pregnancy should be if it is more than 4 kg for the first trimester or the weight has decreased very dramatically. In any case, if you notice that you started losing weight, be sure to tell your doctor about it. And do not neglect the control analyzes - they can point out the problem, if any.

Immediately go to the hospital or to your gynecologist you need with severe vomiting and loss of fluid. If you vomit more than 4 times a day, then, most likely, you need hospitalization.

Rapid weight loss contributes to the formation of ketones in the body (in fact - to increase the level of acetone), which can be dangerous for the fetus.

But if the tests are good and your leading gynecologist says that losing weight during pregnancy in your case is the norm, then be calm: this often happens. In the end, the baby is growing inside of you. He takes from his mother the necessary "building materials" for the bookmarking and development of his organs. Therefore it is not surprising that the mother in the process becomes less.

Do not worry, you'll catch up with yours later. The main thing is that all stay healthy!

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