What can not be pregnant?

What can not be done during pregnancy?

A short list of pregnant women can not be:

  • You can not perform work during which you have to lift weights. The maximum weight allowed for raising a pregnant woman is 5 kg. And then in very exceptional cases. Better future mother will be limited to 2-3 kilograms. If the future mother has to carry bags with food, you need to distribute them so that the load is the same in both the left and right hands. Repositioning of furniture and carrying of suitcases should be entrusted to the husband and other relatives. Otherwise, it is possible to provoke premature birth, and this woman to anything.
  • Do not paint ceilings and walls, wash windows, wipe the dust. In general, we are talking about any work that requires a high and prolonged raising of hands, as well as scrambling on a stool or ladder. It is forbidden for pregnant women to do repairs.
  • A pregnant woman is strictly forbidden to perform work that requires very sharp and jerky movements. Therefore, for the period of bearing a child, a woman should forget about knocking out carpets and other similar work.
  • You can not carry out spring cleaning, especially with household chemicals. In particular, any detergents with strong odors are prohibited. If it so happens that the assistant is not near and is not expected, and the work must be done, then the necessary measures should be taken. First of all, using chemical detergents, the expectant mother should wear rubber gloves. Also, after the work done, make a through ventilation so that the "chemistry" is more quickly eroded.
  • For a long time to sit still, pregnant women also can not. Those women who like to sew and knit, should either postpone this case for the period of pregnancy, or arrange it so that it does not harm the baby. On the one hand, everything is clear: after all, you want to sew something or tie your little carp a little cute! But on the other you can understand and doctors, as well as other health professionals. After all, these requirements are not unfounded. Wrong posture, worsening blood circulation, reduced amount of consumedth oxygen - these and many other reasons can negatively affect both the course of pregnancy and the health of the baby. Therefore, when going to sit for sewing or knitting, you need to remember a few rules. First, you need to sit evenly, leaning on the back of the chair. The legs can not be placed on one another or crossed. It is better to put a small stand and place her feet on it. Moreover, although it is extremely inconvenient, but every 30-40 minutes a pregnant woman will have to get up and 5-10 minutes to warm up, move. Particularly useful are breathing exercises. These same tips are relevant for those expectant mothers who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer.
  • The position of "foot on foot" is forbidden for pregnant women, since in this case blood circulation is disrupted and the amount of blood that enters the baby decreases. Prevention of blood circulation disorders has always been and will remain active movements and walking tours. During the movement, the quality of breathing, the oxygenation of the blood, the muscles of the legs are toned, the probability of varicose veins increases. But do not overdo it too: if there is a feeling of fatigue - you need to rest right away.
  • You can not walk on high heels. A pregnant woman should walk smoothly, relaxing her shoulders and, preferably, without heels. The optimal height of the heel of a pregnant woman should not be more than 3-4 cm. Such a requirement is explained by changes that occur in the body of a woman expecting a child, which provokes loose joints. If you wear high heels during pregnancy, later on flat feet can develop. Furthermore, the load on the vessels and muscles of the legs greatly increases, which leads to the development of varicose veins of the lower extremities.
  • You can not use a variety of foods and dishes for pregnant women. Among them - raw or poorly cooked eggs, raw milk, raw or poorly fried (boiled) meat (minced), cheese with mold. The same applies to products of so-called rapid cooking and those that contain a variety of dyes, substitutes and flavor enhancers.
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol. Alcohol, even in very small amounts, can cause a decrease in a child's mental abilities, a disorder in his behavior or development. Cigarette nicotine has a vasoconstrictive effect, which leads to poor blood supply to the placenta. A child can be born ahead of time or with very little weight. Ironically, many future mothers, knowing the harm of these substances on the body, at least slightly, but still continue to use. Yes, it is very difficult to get rid of bad habits that have not been parted for many years. But can anything be more expensive than a native child whose heart is already beating under the heart of the woman herself?
  • Moreover, it is impossible for pregnant women to attend noisy discos, especially if they smoke and drink a lot. Smells of alcohol, cigarette smoke, increased noise - all this only harms the pregnant woman. Nevertheless, a friendly party in the circle of the closest and dearest is an excellent pastime.
  • Pregnant women should try to avoid a variety of extreme entertainments and situations. This is explained by the fact, that the frequent release of adrenaline into the blood adversely affects the formation of the neuropsychological activity of the unborn child. Stress and nervous disorders - belong here. For the period of pregnancy, a woman needs to provide peace and exceptionally positive emotions.
  • It is not possible for pregnant women to engage in potentially dangerous sports. These include surfing, horseback riding, figure skating, skis. But light physical activity - only for the benefit of both mom and baby. Wellness gymnastics and swimming are what will be useful for the future mother. Who confidently rides a bicycle, can not deny himself the pleasure of a ride in the park.
  • Pregnant women should not listen to nonprofessional advice, because they are often harmful than useful. You need to trust your doctor and, of course, your maternal intuition.

Also it is impossible for pregnant women:

  • visit the solarium;
  • take a bath, the water temperature in which is above 37 degrees;
  • soak in the sauna, if the woman did not practice it before;
  • vaccinate against measles, mumps, rubella, tuberculosis;
  • use medicines that are contraindicated for pregnant women;
  • do x-rays and fluorography;
  • Change the cat's toilet;
  • Use sprays against insects.

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