What is the purpose of Actovegin for pregnancy

What is Actovegin for pregnancy?

Actovegin: to whom and why

The main active substance of the drug is deproteinized hemodialyzate, contained in the blood of young calves. This drug is prescribed to improve metabolic processes in the blood vessels. The medicine enhances the transport of oxygen and glucose to the cells, improves their assimilation. A consequence of this is a qualitative regeneration of tissues, an increase in their energy supply. Actovegin helps to normalize the circulation of arterial and venous blood, the excretion of metabolic products. This action of the drug makes it possible to use it in the treatment of pathologies that require the restoration of damaged tissues, improve circulation in them.

Displaced surgical procedures, strokes, craniocerebral trauma, vascular damage, varicose veins are indicated for the purpose of the drug.

As a rule, Actovegin is applied externally in the form of ointment, cream, gel to treat a variety of skin lesions. The treatment regimen is prescribed by a doctor.

Actovegin and pregnancy

When the baby is pregnant, this drug is prescribed to restore the uteroplacental blood flow - insufficient or impaired. The drug normalizes metabolic processes in the "mother-placenta-child" system.

Note that improving blood circulation is a secondary action of the drug. But when the fetus is pregnant, the drug is prescribed for this purpose. Also to help Aktovegin resorted to cases of oxygen starvation of the child. In addition, in pregnancy, indications for the use of medication may be detachment of the fetal egg, placenta previa, the threat of termination of pregnancy, late gestosis, the cases of pregnancy fading in the past, the retardation of intrauterine development of the child, its dystrophy, varicose veins, diabetes mellitus.

Sometimes gynecologists prescribe to their patients a drug in the complex therapy of hemorrhoids, edema, and lack of hydration.

Doctors who prescribe this remedy are sure that with it the fetus experiences fewer difficulties in the process of childbirth.

When pregnant women are prescribed medicine in different forms. So, intravenously, Actovegin is administered if emergency therapy is necessary. Its action in this case begins 25-30 minutes after the administration. And it reaches a maximum after 3 hours.

Intramuscular injections also act quickly, but not as drippers. Doctors appoint doctors when rapid improvement of blood circulation in the placenta is required, with threats of miscarriage. When there is a risk of interruption of the desired pregnancy, the use of Actovegin is standard therapy in Russia.

As for the tablet form of the drug, it is prescribed for prophylactic purposes for future mothers who are diagnosed with habitual miscarriage, were miscarriages in the past.

As practice shows, the medicine is prescribed to pregnant women as a component of complex therapy. Popular schemes prescribed for future mothers are Actovegin and Cytoflavin, Actovegin and Pyracetam. Combine the drug also with Courantil, glucose, Ginipral, Riboxin.

Restrictions on admission

It is impossible to apply the medication during pregnancy, despite its obvious benefit. And the expediency of its appointment, and the treatment regimen is determined only by the supervising obstetrician-gynecologist. After a solution for intravenous administration can increase a woman's blood pressure. The instruction warns that this medicine can not be used simultaneously with a number of other medications.

Producer Actovegin assures that his use of pregnant women is possible during all periods of gestation. But there is an instruction and warning that the medicine can cause anaphylactic shock in patients. When pregnancy is possible manifestations of allergies to the drug. Side effects may be increased sweating, diarrhea, increased heart rate, skin rashes. Treatment with Actovegin is prohibited for violations in the work of the kidneys and the heart.

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