What kind of fruit you can eat after birth

What kind of fruit can be eaten after childbirth?

How to choose the right fruit after giving birth?

You should read the list of allowed products after studying some of the nuances. While the baby does not reach the age of two months, it is better to completely eliminate the exotic fruit from the usual diet. Of course, they contain a lot of important minerals and vitamins, but such a food the child's organism is unable to process, and this is fraught with the appearance of bloating, colic, stool and allergic reactions. It is recommended to give preference only to seasonal products that are not amenable to treatment with harmful substances and fall on the counters fresh.

It is especially important to introduce every new fruit in the menu gradually, eating no more than two hundred grams a day, and to monitor the well-being of the baby. If a negative reaction is not observed, then the daily rate is allowed to increase gradually. Many new mums are faced with such a problem, as an allergy. To protect the crumb from such a phenomenon, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the fruit, and even better bake them. In addition, it is necessary to approach with extreme caution the choice of bright foods, as they often cause a malfunction in the functioning of the intestine.

All women without exception worry about the health of their own baby. That is why before introducing into the diet even the most safe food should consult a specialist who, taking into account the peculiarities of the baby's body, will give a number of recommendations. In the process of purchasing fruits, you need to pay attention to their appearance. For example, fruits with dents and cracks are better not to eat, as harmful microorganisms accumulate in them, which can provoke the development of intestinal infection and other troubles.

What kind of fruit is allowed to eat?

The first product that should appear in the menu of the newly mummy is the apple. Immediately after childbirth, it is better to eat the baked fruits in the oven. With such a sweet dish, it is easy to cope with the stomach of the woman and her baby. It is recommended to give preference to yellow and green varieties, as they will not cause allergic reaction and digestive problems. Already after three weeks you can eat fresh apples. Unquestionably, this product does not contain a lot of useful microelements, but it increases appetite and is great for an easy snack.

Many favorite fruits are the pear. It can be used literally right after delivery, as it is full of fiber, vitamins, cleans the intestines of toxins and positively affects the functioning of the stomach. Moreover, this product will help quickly get rid of feelings of hunger or thirst. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that pears are extremely undesirable to eat in the morning and wash down with water, as this is fraught with increased flatulence and diarrhea. In order not to harm the crumb, it is better to peel the fruit from the peel and bake with nuts. This dessert will be almost the most favorite dish of the newly mummy.

In the warm season, a woman can pamper herself with home-made apricots, peaches or plums, as they are the source of the body's necessary crumbs of substances and also have a pleasant taste. Based on these fruits, you can prepare jams and compotes, but fresh fruits should be eaten with care. They are unlikely to provoke the development of allergies, but can cause diarrhea and colic in the baby.

As for exotic fruits, they must be chosen with extreme caution. For example, it is advisable to buy a persimmon from the middle of autumn to December, because at that time fresh juicy fruits that contain a minimum amount of dangerous additives fall on the shelves. The product can be included in the daily menu after three months after delivery. Persimmon must be thoroughly washed and peeled.

But the garnet is better to buy from the beginning of autumn to January. The fruits will help get rid of iron deficiency and strengthen the immunity of the newly mum. But it should be remembered that the daily dose of such a bright product should not exceed forty grams. In addition, after the birth, you are allowed to eat bananas, which are extremely rare sources of trouble.

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