What tests are needed for the presence at birth

What tests do I need to take to be present at birth?

What tests are necessary for the presence in childbirth?

You can find out the list of tests needed to attend partner births in the maternity ward or maternity ward where the pregnant woman is going to give birth. They can also be asked from an obstetrician-gynecologist who oversees pregnancy. Most of the treatment and prophylactic establishments require the results of the following studies from a partner who wishes to be present at birth:

  • chest fluorography;
  • smear from the nasopharynx to staphylococci;
  • blood tests for AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B and C.

It is not excluded and the availability of a certificate from the therapist with a conclusion authorizing admission. Some maternity hospitals can ask for any other tests, all the details of the question need to be clarified on the spot.

Inquiries on the results of blood and smear tests should be written to the partner no more than 3 months before the expected date of delivery. And the date of passing the fluorography - not earlier than 12 months ago. If the partner has been examined chest organs 9-10 months ago, the result will be good. It is only necessary to apply to the registrar of the radiology room - he must issue an appropriate certificate.

Recently, tests for those who want to stay on birth lose their relevance. Many obstetrician-gynecologists allow husbands or other attendants to have only the result of fluorography. This simplification was made in view of the fact that the help and support of a loved one at a difficult hour is necessary and indispensable for the mother in childbirth. Therefore, it is necessary for the husband, mother, sister or girlfriend to gain confidence, be prepared for difficulties and have a positive attitude.

What can I take a partner in a relationship?

The accompanying woman is not immune from unforeseen situations. To calm his excitement, the partner can take tablets or tincture of valerian, barbovala, corvalol. You can take water. Also important are a mobile phone and a camera. After the birth of the child, calling by phone, you can notify relatives, and using the camera to capture the first meeting of the baby with her mother for a long memory. Going to the hospital together with the woman in childbirth, the partner must have at hand a removable light clothing and shoes, as well as shoe covers and a gauze bandage.

If you decide to attend the birth, and you yourself asked about it, pregnant - prepare mentally in advance. Visit classes for members of partner births. If you begin to get nervous in the process, then try not to show your mother to your excitement - it is not easy for her. Better get out of the family for a while, then come back again. Tune in only to the good and do not panic, because the woman in childbirth is counting on your support and help.

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