What to buy for a newborn

What you need to buy for a newborn (list of things)

What to buy a newborn baby first

The first thing you need when you leave the hospital is an envelope or a blanket for the baby. In the cold season it will take a warm envelope, but in summer you can get by and just a smart suit for discharge.

For walks with the child, which can already be carried out literally a couple of days after returning home, we need a stroller. It is in the wheelchair that the kid will spend most of the time, as walking will often and for long. Hence, the task of the stroller should be to protect the child from cold, wind, sun and complete comfort during the walk.

Specialists recommend choosing strollers - transformers, which can take the form of both the lying position and the sitting position. In this case, these models of strollers are very easy to fold for transportation. Such strollers serve for a long time, and you can use them even for one-year-old kids.

It is very important that you have a removable cradle in your stroller that will simplify your life: it is very convenient to carry the child in places where the stroller is not appropriate.

Also, for the movement of the baby with his mother in the apartment or in the store is very useful sling (kangaroo rucksack). In the first months of the baby they use a slingosharf, but I usually recommend using a backpack not earlier than six months.

A baby bath is a necessary attribute for bathing a baby. We recommend that you buy an anatomical bath that is installed in a regular bath, and allows the child to be in it in a semi-sitting position. Do not forget about the children's towel. Also, for bath procedures, sponges-mittens, baby soap, shampoo will be useful.

For baby hygiene will need: a soft brush and tweezers for nails.

It is recommended that diapers be purchased preferably from different manufacturers, in case one of the diapers does not fit the form or material.

We recommend choosing a cot long before the birth of the child, carefully studying all the options and selecting the one that you like. After all, the choice of beds for newborns is quite wide: traditional, with a hanging or floor cradle, cribs that join the parent's bed, with removable rods at the sides, etc.

When choosing a place for a crib, be based on the fact that it should receive a maximum of daylight. However, avoid places where there may be a draft. Well, for rest in the daytime, get a canopy that protects from bright light. Also take care of bed linens for the newborn: a children's mattress, sheets, a thin and warm blanket.

The changing table is a very necessary and functional thing. We recommend that you buy the option 2 in 1, where besides the table itself there is a place for children's things. This option looks like a drawer with drawers. However, do not forget that the changing table should be strong and, importantly, match your growth, as it is often necessary to swaddle a newborn, and in an uncomfortable position, back pain can not be avoided.

The chair for feeding the baby will be needed later, but it is also better to purchase it in advance. It should be as stable as possible, with a comfortable seat that tightly locks the baby, and has a height adjustment function.

Clothing for the newborn

The main part of the wardrobe of the newborn is overalls, body and slips. Overalls are needed for the street, so some must be insulated. Bodys suitable for home and hot weather. Well, slip called semi-overalls, of a softer fabric, mainly designed for sleeping a baby.

For the sake of justice it should be noted that for a newborn enough for 2-3 pcs. each type of clothing, plus - bonnets, socks, sliders, hats and panamki. Dress and shorts buy already when the baby ceases to be a newborn - in 2-3 months.

To feed the newborn will need a mother's breast and bottles with teats for tea or water.

In the children's first-aid kit, purchase:

  • thermometer
  • spoon for medicines
  • baby enema
  • cotton
  • gas pipe
  • laxative candles
  • suction nozzle
  • cotton wool
  • wet wipes
  • iodine, greenery and hydrogen peroxide
  • baby oil
  • paracetamol candles
  • preparations of Smect or Enterosgel
  • lactobacilli
  • spray from mosquitoes.

In conclusion, we note that in order to save money, you can use the gifts of acquaintances who will gladly transfer the things of their grown-up baby.

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