When the belly leaves after giving birth

When does a woman usually leave her stomach after giving birth?

Flat tummy after delivery: when?

The answer to this question varies, because the timing of recovery of the female body depends on many factors: the rate of muscle contraction, the state of the skin, the individual characteristics of the female body, etc. That is why in some women the belly disappears already a couple of weeks after discharge from the hospital, and other women in labor for this required months.

As a rule, the disappearance of the stomach takes from several weeks to two months. However, if a woman for nine months has gained a lot of extra pounds, then this period is significantly extended. The same problem is often faced by women who have given birth to a second or third child. And this is not surprising, because repeated pregnancy pretty stretches the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.

If pregnancy was prolific or the baby was too large, do not wait for quick results either, because in this situation postnatal muscle contraction takes much longer.

If the child was born as a result of Caesarean section, then the recovery period will not only be long, but also very painful. The fact is that during the operation the nerve endings are affected, and this reduces the muscle tone and the ability of the muscles to contract normally. In addition, there is a scar on the uterus and abdomen, which will also violate their contractile functionality. Do not forget about the pain, which for a long time disturbed the woman after the operation and prevented her from tightening her stomach.

How long does a female body need, to return the old form after giving birth? As a rule, this largely depends on the woman herself. Abdominal care can last from a few weeks to a couple of months. However, if, after a three-month period, the newly mummy is still concerned about the problem of the sagging "load", then additional measures should urgently be taken to eliminate it.

How to accelerate the process of muscle contraction of the abdomen?

If you need to remove the extra pounds, then the woman either sits on a hard diet, or is enrolled in fitness classes. However, this solution is not suitable for newly mums. After all, active sports can be started no earlier than 4 months after discharge from the maternity home, and compliance with the diet during breastfeeding is categorically not welcomed by doctors, because the baby with the mother's milk must receive all the necessary and vital substances that contribute to its normal growth and development. And the quality of breast milk, as is known, depends on the nutritious diet of the nursing mother, so this option also disappears. That's why doctors are not advised to take any radical measures to eliminate the stomach before the end of the period of breastfeeding. But something can be done!

The fact is that until the uterus is reduced to its original size, the problem will remain. Therefore, the first thing to do is to stimulate uterine contractions. To achieve this goal, newly mummified mothers must daily engage in postnatal gymnastics.

You can also speed up the recovery process in the following ways:

  1. Use special creams from stretch marks on the abdomen. This will increase the elasticity of the skin and visually make the tummy more taut.
  2. Massage. This is a very effective way to get rid of a sagging belly. Regular execution of the procedure will increase blood circulation in the epidermis, increase muscle tone, and this, in turn, will accelerate muscle contraction. In a few days you will see for yourself the effectiveness of the massage: the skin will become more elastic, the tummy will tighten, excess volumes will leave.
  3. Take a walk in the fresh air. Such measures improve the blood circulation of the body, increase its energy tone, activate metabolic processes, stimulate the work of the muscular system (in particular, the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks). In the complex, this effect allows you to quickly get rid of excess kilograms and reduce body volume.
  4. Feed the baby with the breast. The fact is that breastfeeding is an excellent way to lose weight. And this is due to the fact that the body of the mother spends about 500 kcal per day for the production of food for the baby! Agree, a lot.
  5. Observe the right and balanced diet. This will provide an opportunity to provide the baby with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, as well as will remove unnecessary centimeters in the waist and tighten the tummy. In addition, do not forget to observe the drinking regime - at least two liters per day.
  6. Think in advance about a good physical shape. As you know, women who are engaged in pre-pregnancy sports, much faster pass the recovery stage after childbirth. Therefore, if you do not want to face the problem of a sagging belly after the birth of a crumb, think about strengthening the abdominal muscles even at the stage of pregnancy planning.

At the end

Many modern women, in order to quickly return the original forms after giving birth, refuse breastfeeding and transfer the baby is not a mixture. However, doctors do not welcome such a solution, because it is about the health of the child. Do not forget that along with the mother's milk, the baby gets not only all the vital substances, but also protection from many diseases. Therefore, before you refuse breastfeeding, carefully weigh all the pros and cons and make the right choice in favor of the baby's health.

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