When you can exercise after childbirth

When can I exercise after childbirth?

The right time to start training

Undoubtedly, every new mother wants to make at least a small step towards an ideal figure. But much depends on how the pregnancy itself passed and the birth took place, after all, as is known, it is virtually impossible to avoid various complications. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor who can objectively assess the condition of the body.

If the appearance of the baby was successful, and the woman does not have any injuries, then the simplest exercises are allowed literally the day after the birth. But it is recommended to begin with an ordinary restorative gymnastics, which does not involve serious physical exertion. These can be activities aimed at reducing the uterus, strengthening the muscles of the stomach and back. Most of them are performed in the recumbent position, which greatly simplifies the task.

After two weeks, it is allowed to start more complex sets of exercises, provided that the number of lochies has already decreased. It is desirable to perform simple tilting, rotating the body, swing the press, crouch without a variety of weighting, push-up. In general, the occupation should be similar to ordinary charging. This is more than enough at this stage, as the body should get a little stronger. But to attend a gym, swimming pool or fitness classes is recommended only one month after natural birth. This will help to avoid injuries and various kinds of complications.

Not all women can not give birth on their own. In such situations, specialists resort to a caesarean section, which helps the baby still appear. After this, even to the extremely simple exercises are allowed to proceed two months later. It is recommended to begin with strengthening the muscles of the tummy and the vagina. Then gradually it is necessary to increase the load and regularly do an easy warm-up. Only after half a year you can enroll in the gym and perform more complex exercises.

A woman should remember that after cesarean section it is strictly forbidden to make sharp movements and overstrain, as this is fraught with divergence of seams and painful sensations. If this happens, then about sports will have to be forgotten for a while.

Which sport is better to choose?

When the doctor finally allows the newly mummified physical activity, it's very difficult to find out what kind of classes will help you get back into shape faster and not cause harm to the body. The optimal solution will be swimming, because virtually all muscles are involved at the same time. It is very important to give preference to clean spacious pools and make sure that you need to provide a medical certificate to purchase a subscription. This will help to avoid infection and infection with a variety of diseases. In addition, you need to choose a comfortable swimsuit, which will not impede movement and rub the skin. If the voyage is not enough, you can enroll in aquafitness.

For women who do not like to practice in the water, it is recommended to purchase a subscription to the gym. To save in choosing a sports complex is absolutely not worth it, since for a full-fledged training you need a high-quality reliable inventory. Moreover, it is necessary to consult with a qualified trainer who can objectively assess the physical capabilities of the newly mummy and draw up an exercise program.

At first glance it may seem that yoga is not a sport at all, but it is not. In the classroom, people learn the correct breathing technique, which helps them to cope with stress more easily. Moreover, a woman will not only return the form, but also work on stretching, improve the condition of the ligaments and calm the nervous system.

In addition, it is recommended that you regularly run outdoors and do not forget about elementary charging. New mums should remember that after giving birth, you can practice virtually any sport. The main thing is that this happens under the supervision of the coach, and the load increases gradually.

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