When you can go to church after childbirth

When can I go to church after childbirth?

Birth and Visit to the Temple

Special canons are installed in the church. According to them, to touch all the saints is allowed only to people who are pure spiritually and physically. The church enlists the period of natural purification of the female organism to physical impurities.

When spiritual pastors are asked about when a newly mum can enter the temple, they clearly and specifically respond: 40 days after delivery. Then the temple allowed my mother to go in with her baby. On this day, the priest prays for the mother, then for the baby. If before this period the baby has already been christened, then the rite of his churching takes place. This is a special sacrament, after which the child becomes a slave of God, a member of the Church of Christ.

There are several reasons why a woman giving birth recently has been forbidden to visit the temple:

  1. Female impurity. During the period of postpartum excretions, the female body is purified, gets rid of impurities.
  2. You can not shed blood in the temple. In ancient times, there was no special means that women use today for menstruation (pads and tampons). This is another taboo on attending church in critical days.
  3. A large number of parishioners. The congestion of people in the church can negatively affect the health of women. After all, people who are not quite healthy come there too. And women with weakened after birth immunity such contacts are not the way. And active contacts with the outside world hinder the natural unification of mother and baby.

Why should we wait for 40 days? Because the physiological discharge in women after birth lasts about 6 weeks. This is just 40 days, necessary for the recovery of the body. This period should be dedicated to caring about their physical health, and then already - about the spiritual.

Note that today the opinions of spiritual pastors about observance of the forty-day taboo for visiting the church are divided. Some are sure that women can attend the church service at any time, but after giving birth up to 40 days they can not receive communion. Others are categorically opposed to the arrival of women in the temple during this period. Therefore, it is recommended that a woman pray for her baby in her own words or read special prayers for granting patience dedicated to protecting children. Go to the temple and put a candle for the well-being of the family can the father of the baby, his grandmother, grandfather, other relatives. They also worship the icon of the Mother of God, Nicholas the Miracle-Worker with mental requests to protect the child, protect him from misfortune, grief, to give the mother's strength to educate the child. You can serve a thanksgiving prayer for the safe appearance of the baby, to provide a note for the health of the baby's mother, if she is baptized. Also for her health is served Sorokaust. Spiritual care for a woman's health is also the protection of her baby, because they are closely related.

Today many parents try to christen the child as soon as possible - in a week, two, three after the birth. A rite of churching is already performed later, after 40 days from the appearance of crumbs to the light. And then his mother comes to the temple with him, bringing the child closer to spiritual relics and rituals.

Why the mother can not be present at the baptism of the child

It is worth knowing that in many churches mothers are allowed to attend such a sacrament, because it is on the day of the child's baptism that the prayer of the fortieth day is read. In other temples, the mother is not allowed to be baptized. She is invited to the Liturgy on the next Sunday, and a special prayer of purification is performed over her. This is a reading of "Prayer to the wife of a puerperum, for four days".

The ban on the presence of the mother in this sacrament concerns those cases when the child is baptized to 40 days of age. Many modern priests are sure that such taboos are historical vestiges. After all, every person is defiled only by sin. As for the physiological processes of female purification, this phenomenon is natural. There is nothing bad and sinful in it. This should not be ashamed of.

When a woman who gave birth to a woman can come to the temple - her spiritual guide will tell you.

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